Ampallang Piercing

Ampallang piercing is a horizontal piercing through the penis. It is one of the most popular male genital piercings in the world. An Ampallang piercing can be done at various depths but it typically passes through the urethra. It means that the jewelry will stimulate the inside of the urethra and penis, which can be very stimulating and pleasurable. Typical jewelry for Ampallang piercings is a long straight barbell. The length of the barbell needs to account for your erect size so it is best to consult your piercer to get the right one. Typically, an Ampallang piercing is done through the penis head but it is important to know that a shaft Ampallang also exists. Shaft Ampallang is a rare male genital piercing and it is done horizontally through the penis shaft.

Ampallang is considered a functional piercing, that is, the one that can enhance the sexual pleasure for the wearer and his partner. Since Ampallang makes the penis head wider, it is ideal for those who prefer thickness. While partners of all genders can enjoy this piercing it is particularly popular among men who enjoy anal sex. For many people, Ampallang is one of the most arousing and pleasurable male genital piercings in the world. That being said, it is not a good choice for everyone. The procedure can be very painful and some partners find sex with an Ampallang too intense or uncomfortable. However, most people enjoy this piercing very much so it is considered one of the best penis piercings in the world.