Aftercare is the essential care for your new piercing during its healing time. It comes after the procedure (hence the name) and it needs to be performed during the whole duration of the healing. This is particularly crucial during the so-called initial stages of healing (the first days and weeks after getting the piercing done). Proper aftercare can speed up and promote the healing process. It can also prevent problems such as infections, migration and rejection. It is crucial for the wellbeing of your new piercing. Your piercer should give you clear instructions on how to perform aftercare. Make sure to stick to these guidelines and to be responsible about performing aftercare properly.

Most of the time, aftercare is not difficult but it needs to be done consistently. It typically involves cleaning your new piercing with a saline solution (or another appropriate formula) a few times per day. The exact number will depend on the piercing type but it is important to stick with it: less than this can make your piercing dirty and more than this can lead to over-cleaning. During the healing time you should also ensure that your new piercing is not pulled or snagged on clothes, hair and other items. One of the most important things to remember about aftercare is that you should leave your new piercing alone (except during cleaning). Do not touch it or manipulate it. Do not twist or turn the jewelry: this will actually make the matters worse. Also, an important aftercare task is to monitor your piercing closely so you can notice any potential problem and treat it quickly.