Adult Piercing Accessories

Adult piercing accessories are special accessories you can add to your genital piercings and other intimate piercings. Since these piercings tend to be very sensitive it is important to take a good care of them. One of the ways to keep your adult piercings happy, healthy and clean is to use only products and materials that are absolutely safe for your body. It means wearing smooth body piercing jewelry without sharp edges. This automatically limits the number of adult piercing accessories you can use. However, there are some things you can use for your genital piercings and other intimate piercings.

Piercing weights are among the most popular adult piercing accessories. These are small, smooth weights you can easily attach to your piercing jewelry using hooks, ropes or another method. These will add some weight to your genital piercing and enhance the feeling. Since many adult piercings are functional and can enhance sexual pleasure, this will make the experience even more exciting. Another adult piercing accessory you should not forget is the lube. While lube is typically used for sex toys it can also help with body piercing by making the genital jewelry more comfortable and easier to insert into the piercing hole.