Acrylic is a popular material for body piercing jewelry. It makes a handy alternative to metal body piercing jewelry and it offers certain advantages. Acrylic is actually a plastic material better known as PMMA. It is very cheap to produce, which means that acrylic body jewelry is very affordable. Another good thing about this material is that it’s very lightweight so it’s comfortable even at the large gauges and huge jewelry pieces. Perhaps the most important advantage of acrylic jewelry over metal jewelry is that it can be used even in situations where metal jewelry is forbidden or poses a nuisance. For example, you can wear acrylic jewelry to airports, hospitals and other places where metal jewelry is not the best choice. Also, acrylic jewelry can easily be manufactured in numerous attractive colors, including transparent (opaque). This makes for some very attractive jewelry styles and body jewelry pieces.

However, acrylic body jewelry also has certain disadvantages. First of all, while it is generally a safe body piercing material, it is not recommended for new or damaged piercings. If you want to wear acrylic jewelry, make sure to wait until your piercing is fully healed and completely healthy. Another disadvantage to this body jewelry material is that it is not suitable for a long-term wear. Make sure to replace it quickly with jewelry made of a different material, such as titanium or 316 LVM Surgical Steel.