Acrylic Tunnels

Acrylic tunnels (also known as acrylic flesh tunnels) are soft and comfortable jewelry pieces made for stretched piercings. While most of the large gauge jewelry is used for stretched earlobes, keep in mind that you can use your acrylic tunnels for piercings located elsewhere. As jewelry for stretched earlobes, acrylic tunnels prove to be very comfortable and enjoyable to wear. Unlike metal jewelry, acrylic tunnels are lightweight and flexible so they will sit nicely inside your piercing for a perfect comfort. This is ideal for those who wish to take a break from massive, heavy jewelry in their stretched piercings. Another huge advantage of acrylic tunnels is that they can be opaque or in the flesh color. It means that they will be barely visible once they are inserted in your piercing. This is a great option when you wish to hide your stretched lobe piercing or minimize its appearance.

If you wish to wear acrylic flesh tunnels, however, keep in mind that these jewelry pieces are ideal for fully healed piercings only. You should not wear them in new piercings or damaged piercings. Always wait until your newly stretched earlobes are recovered from stretching before you use acrylic body jewelry pieces.