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Glans Ring with Pressure Ball


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Glans Ring with a Pressure Ball is a powerful toy made for enhancing your experience and improving your erections. It is made to bring pleasure to both you and your partners. You don’t have to have a pierced penis to enjoy this amazing glans ring!

Glans Ring with Pressure Ball

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Glans Ring with a Pressure Ball is made for your pleasure and comfort. It will press all the right spots and bring satisfaction to both you and your partners. It is made for non-pierced penises so you don’t need to have any piercings to enjoy this one.

It is made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel so it’s body-friendly, safe and durable.

It includes a special pressure ball made for additional stimulation during foreplay and intercourse.

The ring comes in several sizes: 8 gauge, 6 gauge or 4 gauge thickness so you can choose your favorite. It has a special ball in place and you can choose its size, ranging from ¼” to ½”.

These amazing glans rings (or head rings, as some people call them) are very effective and can be used as amazing penis jewelry.

To Measure yourself for a Glans Ring with ball: Make sure you are erect. Wrap a piece of string around your penis, right behind the head (at the exact place where you want to wear your head ring). Use a pen or a marker to mark the spot on the string where it meets the end. Measure the string between the end and the mark you made. Take this measurement, convert it to decimals and divide the result by 3.14. This is how you’ll get your “inner diameter” measurement. This is the size you’ll have to order.

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Product Questions

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Can this be made in a thicker gauge?
Can you make this in “o” gauge?

Customer Reviews

Glans Ring with Pressure Ball Review by MickeyG

Loved the 6 ga so much I got the 4 ga. I wear it almost every day and night.

excellent workman ship. I only wish that there was maybe a 2-0 ga. Just a thought.

Thanks for being the best !

(Posted on 4/11/18)

Perfect Fit Review by JR

This is my fifth order with The Chain Gang and as usual all is perfect. Getting this smaller glans ring with pressure ball allows me to wear my orbital head ring under glans ring 24/7. The stimulation this combination offers is fantastic!

(Posted on 4/4/18)

Quaility and Finish are Top of the LINE Review by WHEEL

This is my 7th order with The Chain Gang. It took a while to get the correct sizing but the Gland Ring in the 4 gauge and 3/8 ball feels wonderful. I wear 2 rings
all the time and then never fall off. A Glands ring 1 1/4 close to the head and a barbell next to it at 1 1/4 in 6 gauge and 3/8 balls. The weight of the 2 rings pulls down all the time which give you a sensation all day and they never fell off even in the shower or while getting a massage on the table. I think it's better then piercing the head but that is just my opinion.

Great Quality, Service, and Finish. as well as Selection....

(Posted on 3/8/18)

Wow Review by MickeyG

Great piece of jewelry! Ran 6 miles this morning and it stayed in place..

(Posted on 2/27/18)

wow Review by leo99

love the restriction and the weight!

(Posted on 2/27/18)

Feels So Good! Review by ballsin

I really like this ring - I have three now and wear them individually or in two's or three's ... I really like being aware of my cock all the time and the pressure of the ring does that for me ... they are great!

(Posted on 2/26/18)

superb cock bling!!! Review by Dave

I measured carefully and received just what I ordered. My glans ring fits
great and looks great, and was a big hit on our recent nude cruise. Of
course there was plenty of PAs out there, but many men and women
asked me about my ring because they did not like the idea of piercing,
and admired the look!! I'm very happy, and the crew at Chaingang are unsurpassed. I recently had to return something and got the label mixed
up with a package going to my daughter.. she was trying to figure out why i'd send her a giant glans ring!! Good thing she is not shockable.
The chaingang crew helped me straighten out that mess!!!
Love em!!!

(Posted on 2/26/18)

High quality works great with estim play Review by Kevin

High quality great product well worth it I us these rings for estim play hook small alligator clips to them work great

(Posted on 2/26/18)

Fantastic item! Review by Bill

This piece is great! I wear it 24/7 and it's VERY comfortable. I got the larger gauge and larger balls for extra wieght and I could't be happier. Do you homework on sizing, I bought some rubber cock rings to test fit and am glad I did. I sized mine to fit flaccid and when I'm hard the sensation is intense. A must have with typical CG high quality and customer service!

(Posted on 1/19/18)

The Best Review by querelle

I love cock rings and glans rings, but this is my favorite - don't know why but I love it and never take it off. It fits really well, and tight enough so you always know it's there, but loose enough so you can pee, lol ... I ordered two more to wear them all together.

(Posted on 1/18/18)

Perfect for 24/7 wear Review by JR

This is the second ring I've purchase as the first was a little loose.Now I wear the smaller on on top of the larger one. As always the workmanship is excellent.

(Posted on 10/11/17)

Great ring Review by Ja

I got the 8 gauge with 1/2 ball. The ring is great feels great. My wife didn’t really know what to think liked it but said it almost felt it was pinching. Could have been from wearing two rings at once.

(Posted on 10/3/17)

locker room showers Review by skylar

wear my glans ring every day, 4 ga 1/2 " ball, it has built up alot of loose skin behind my glans, love the way that looks, definitely makes masturbation and ejaculation feel awesome, thanks for a superior product

(Posted on 9/20/17)

sexy 24/7 & a conversation-starter Review by Jack Vesuvio

I wear it all day long, and I love it. I spent a little extra $$, opting for the largest ball (half-inch) with the 6 gauge (4 mm) ring thickness. It looks great and the weight makes my cock hang just right. I noticed a few guys in the locker room at work checking it out more than usual (as I have a gorgeous penis even w/o the "adornments" and it attracts some attention).
At the naked beach here in California, I get compliments on it; I'm glad this ring facilitates conversation, because I noticed Americans generally have trouble with spontaneous talk. In sum, this is a great piece . I'm super duper happy with it. Two thumbs up!
Note: this is the second one I've purchased here. The first one was too big, so I went down one-sixteenth of an inch, and this one fits perfectly. Actually, I followed some crap advice on this site somewhere about how to measure for sizing, which said to round the measurement *up*. Well that was an expensive misstep. I, in contrast, would advise rounding *down* yo.

(Posted on 8/20/17)

Great product Review by Woodman

Well made, comfortable, wear it all day and enjoy it very much.

(Posted on 6/14/17)

Looks Great Review by Wheel

This is my 6th order with TCG and just like the Captive Ring and Barbell I got before
the new set fits perfect. I like to wear the Barbell ring first which is a 1 1/4 ID with
3/8 balls and then the Captive Ring ( close to the head) at 1 1/4 with a 3/8 ball and
4ga on both. The extra weight feels great all day and since the quality of the Rings is Top Shelf they can be warn all day. My girl friend loves the look of the 2 rings pulling down all the time and loves to touch them all the time. You just gotta be careful if your wearing shorts as it might just hang down a little too far when you sit down in a chair. I have to mention, at no time did they ever fall off
or get loose in your clothes. You have to experiment and get the perfect size to
make it work. When you do, the fit is so comfortable you can wear them all the time.

(Posted on 6/7/17)

Very Good Review by Bruce

The ring was very well done. However, my measuring wasn't that great. I think I need to go a little smaller. I just wish it didn't take so long to get the order back. Otherwise, everything was very good.

(Posted on 4/25/17)

Nice Review by binhoni93

I ordered an 8 gauge, 1 inch with 1/4 inch ball. It fits me well. I wore it for a whole day without it coming off. Trying to convince my partner to let me wear it during intercourse, but so far, it's a no go. Excellent customer service, package was discreet. I wish they made one with an option without a ball.

(Posted on 4/24/17)

great as usual Review by ballzy

I am really enjoying the ring... it fits perfectally....I leave it on all the time...Thank You

(Posted on 4/4/17)

Over the moon Review by Firedawg

I purchased the 8 gauge with 1/4 inch ball. I put it on and plan on wearing it constantly. Very happy with the purchase and customer service.

(Posted on 3/17/17)

Excellent Review by Stateof2

I ordered mine with as a 6 gauge with a 5/16 ball and it looks great. Good weight to the ring, but I might go for a larger ball next time just for visual balance against the wider ring. I wear it all day every day and love it. Husband likes it too and my orgasms are incredible! Trying to decide what style to buy next.

(Posted on 2/22/17)

Great Product Review by Wayfinder

Very nicely made product. Fits perfectly and is handsome. Quality is superb.

(Posted on 1/29/17)

Nice but poor measurement Review by Hm

I followed the measurement instructions and it is too large. Stays on when erect, barely. I would suggest not just wrapping the string around, but pulling it as tight as you think you would want the ring before making the mark. I will be ordering a smaller size.

(Posted on 1/19/17)

Great product & service Review by Roy

I got the 4 ga 1/2 in ball like it better than 6 ga 3/8 in had it on 24/7 love it. Will be ordering more products soon. Thanks for the Chain Gang

(Posted on 1/18/17)

Great Product Review by Talentedoregon

Great product! Perfect fit and weight. I wear it 24/7.

This is my second glans ring. The first was slightly too big and it sometimes slipped off. Now I wear both of them and they stay put regardless of what I am doing.

My wife calls it my "bling."

And, terrific customer service from The Chain Gang staff!

(Posted on 12/29/16)

superb product Review by skylar

makes masturbation a sensation, I masturbate every at least twice, and the pressure ball makes it feel amazing, I now have a 6 ga with a 3/8 ball ,and ordered a 4 ga wit ha 1/2" ball , excellent product, enjoy your ejaculatios

(Posted on 12/21/16)

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