Monster Screwball Ring

Monster Screwball Ring

Surgical Steel Curved Barbell

Surgical Steel Curved Barbell

Genuine Diamond Double Prong Set - Curved Barbell

The Genuine Diamond Double Prong Set – Curved Barbell is a luxurious jewelry piece made for those who require the best. This gorgeous piece has a real diamond so it’s truly classy, stylish and elegant. It also makes a great gift for that special someone!

The Genuine Diamond Double Prong Set – Curved Barbell is a stylish jewelry pieces with so much class. It includes a real diamond so it’s a truly special piece ideal for navel piercings. It sparkles beautifully so it will sure attract a lot of attention.

Carat Weight

12 point to 1/4 Carat

Stone Color


Stone Clarity


This is a glorious piece with an unbelievable elegance. The real diamonds sparkle in prong settings like sun through crystal. A prong setting allows much more light into the stones than most of the other setting types. It gives this piece a special shine.

All of our Genuine Diamonds come straight from diamond mines of South Africa. The diamonds are set into either solid 14k nickel-free Yellow or White gold by our highly crafted and experienced jewelers.

Also, we offer a full line of other precious and semi-precious Genuine Stones. They can be set in almost any of our 14k gold pieces. Yes, we even have the fancier ones so don’t hesitate to ask us.

Of course, we can provide you with any grade and quality of stone you may require, be it higher or lower than our standard. However, keep in mind that we strongly prefer to use the higher grade we have set as our standard and that we offer here. In case you really want a lower, department store quality stones we can accommodate you, but keep in mind that high-quality stones are much better to use since they make jewelry look more classy and elegant.


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