Genuine Diamond 3 Stone Nostril Screw

The Genuine Diamond 3 Stone Nostril Screw is a premium nose jewelry piece ideal for special occasions. It is very elegant and stylish so it makes a great present for your loved one.

The Genuine Diamond 3 Stone Nostril Screw is a beautiful nose jewelry piece made for elegance. It includes genuine diamonds so it’s a truly premium piece for your jewelry collection.

This Diamond Nostril Setting is approximately 4.5 mm at its widest point.

The diamonds used in this piece are Three 3 point Genuine Diamonds, which makes a total carat weight of the piece 9 points. It adds a great sparkle to this piece. Each diamond stone is about 2mm in size.

The gold used for this piece is completely nickel-free and available in either solid 14k Yellow or solid 14k White gold.

This jewelry piece is also available in the Straight NoseBone style, L-bar and the unbent Fishtail style.

Stone Color


Stone Clarity


Gold Quality

14K Solid - Nickel Free Yellow, or White 14K Gold


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