Frenum Loop Glans Ring

Made for any 10 gauge Barbell OR Smaller

Colored Frenum Loop Glans Ring is a great sex toy and body jewelry piece all in one. It will decorate your penis and enhance your erections. The loop is comfortable to wear so you can enjoy it for a long time!

As low as $18.99

You can use any 10 gauge straight barbell OR SMALLER with this piece

Colored Frenum Loop Glans Ring is specially designed to hit all the right spots. It is a body jewelry piece and a great erection enhancement.
The ring has a Surgical Steel core with a colored permanent coating on top. The coating is available in many different colors.

This piece is available with different gap sizes for the frenum piercing measurement.

5/8” gap you would use a 7/8" or longer Straight Barbell
3/4” gap you would use a 1" or longer Straight Barbell

Please note: The barbell is not included in this piece. You can get one here:

Internally Threaded Titanium Barbells

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