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Flexible Ziro Penis Plug and Glans Ring


Quick Overview

The Flexible Ziro Penis Plug and Glans Ring has a specially designed bendable center made for comfort. This is a great toy you can use when you want some sensual stimulation without discomfort. The flexible penis plug adjusts to your body and hits all the right spots!

Flexible Ziro Penis Plug and Glans Ring

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The Flexible Ziro Penis Plug and Glans Ring is made for your absolute comfort. This plug has a bendable center so it adjusts to your body easily, providing you with pain-free experience.

The plug is about 3 inches long and is available in different diameters.

It is available in either Solid or Hollow. If you choose the Hollow model, you can cum and piss through it.

The plug is made of 316L Surgical Steel, save for the Flexible Surgical Tubing.

This toy comes with a glans ring made to keep the plug in place and provide additional stimulation. The standard size of the ring is about 1-1/8" inch, but you can order other sizes. It is replaceable with our 8 gauge Single Bead Rings, which you can find here;
Single Bead Alternative Ring

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Product Questions

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Is it possible to replace the surgical tubing with a longer length tube? If so, where might be the easiest, most convenient place to uy the tubing?
I just received the Ziro Flex and am having trouble inserting. It gets in to nearly the end of the stainless tip and then does not want to go further. Is there a trick to it? thanks

Customer Reviews

great plug Review by lamehaze

just loved this plug when I received it. I have 3 plugs and alternate between them, great feel and comfortable. truly love your products. Will be ordering bigger plugs soon.

(Posted on 9/10/17)

Perfect! Review by Jagtstein

The delivery was perfect, after exactly 2 weeks. The plug sits well. Unfortunately, there are only 11mm plugs. I want one with 13mm.

(Posted on 6/18/17)

Very pleased Review by Excited

I couldn't wait to get this in so I cleaned it immediately and inserted it,although it just a tad bit big in the beginning of putting it n, but with a little force and lube it went in nicel. No dripping or leakage after tapping a few time after peeing Very well done with the product, will be purchasing more from you chain gang

(Posted on 6/9/17)

Smooth & Easy Review by Patrick

The products are amazing. It's my first time doing it. Slightly painful at first, but i'll get used to it. It had been something I'm eager to experience. Thank you!

(Posted on 4/26/17)

Great Plug Review by SOUNDER

I can wear this plug for long periods of time. Its so comfortable!!!

(Posted on 4/22/17)

Great feel, great fit. Review by RPa

My new 8mm Ziro plug and ring fits just right and is extremely comfortable. I replaced the supplied glans ring with a larger 1-1/4 size. This is a must-have for extended wear.

(Posted on 4/14/17)

Good fit Review by older14sum

As soon as I received this, I decided to give it a try. Cleaned and sanitized, then inserted easily and comfortably. Still a newbie with these devices.

(Posted on 3/15/17)

Good fit Review by Johnboy

As hoped, your well designed product just slid right in quite comfortably. I really liked how well the glans ring held it in place! Cannot imagine a better fit. Have already played with adding longer tubing.Tips are smooth and fit securely over tubing.

(Posted on 2/4/17)

Very good Review by Rich

The best online service ive ever had.highly recommended.

(Posted on 10/24/16)

Great buy! Review by D

Popped right in, got the 8mm, perhaps I need the next size. Comfortable for all day wear. Looking forward to my next purchase!

(Posted on 10/9/16)

Great Review by Tony

I got the 11 mm size, which fits comfortably. I love the double ring set up, which makes it seat properly against the underside of my glans. The flexibility of the tube means the plug will flex with my penis as it takes different dirctions in my underwear as I move. I can wear this one comfortably for hours with no discomfort and mild stimulation. I can even roll my foreskin over it to its natural location and still have the top bead showing for neat unination. One of my favorite plugs!

(Posted on 7/27/16)

Not bad Review by Vick

For beginners it's better to buy 8mm I bought 9mm it hurts with a little blooding. The ring 25mm with inside hole is small for me. The feeling having it inside is outrageous. You feel the weight in the head and it turns on.

(Posted on 6/26/16)

Amazing product Review by Steve

This was a first for me, never had anything in my urethra before and it was
amazing and incredible, quality was first rate! Thank you Chain Gang!

(Posted on 1/15/16)

Like it! Review by Joseph

It's a good plug, but an inch or so longer would be fun. This is the first hollow plug I can cum through. Feels great.

(Posted on 12/9/15)

Great feel for my first plug. Review by Dusty

I love the way it feels especially when I piss through it the way it builds up pressure. The only thing I don't like is where the rings join together it will pinch my fore skin. I would like to try another one that doesn't pivot. Any suggestions.

(Posted on 8/12/15)

Great Review by Sam

The sensation great

(Posted on 7/31/15)

quality and service Review by hangin

This is my first order from TCG and I could not be more impressed with the quality! Slid it in and WOW!I would recommend this piece to anyone looking for the next level of fun and sensation!

(Posted on 7/25/15)

still working on it Review by bill

it is bigger than i thought

(Posted on 6/17/15)

good Review by skippy

The quality and feel of this piece is great only drawback is the gland ring was to small . When flaccid fit fine but when erect it was so tight that I bruised Or injured my Urethra through with the metal on metal pressure right at the base of the head. it seems to have healed now and I ordered a couple of larger rings to try them out hope for the best.

(Posted on 6/14/15)

Awesome Review by Kinky1inct

I just received this plug and had it in within five minutes. What a beautiful piece. Went in super easy and glands ring was perfect. Can not wait to introduce my wife to it. I can not wait to cum through it. Yum yum

(Posted on 5/23/15)

Perfect Review by J

This plug is perfect. I bought a different one that would not stay in at all. This plug stays in all day and night without any issues -- I bought the hollow version for this very reason. The plug itself and the glans ring fit great! I did not experience any of the issues anyone here mentioned previously.

(Posted on 4/9/15)

Felt great but my mistress does not want me to enjoy it. Review by Big Pussy

The Flexible Ziro Penis Plug and Glans Ring arrived in the mail when my Mistress was out. I cleaned it and slid it into my penis. What a rush!!! I had to masturbate...however before I could finish Mistress came home and caught me. She was very upset and made me bend over while she installed the Man Humbler on my scrotum and behind my legs. She spanked my ass until it was red and sore. When she released me from the Man Humbler she told me to get dressed because we were meeting a friend of hers for dinner. When we arrived at the restaurant she told me to sit and not speak. When here friend arrived Mistress explained I had been a naughty boy and was trying to masturbate without her permission. Mistress told me to unzip my pants and remove my Flexible Ziro Penis Plug and Glans Ring Which I did. She made me hang it in my water glass and use it as a straw for the rest of the night. I was very embarrassed every time the waitress came to the table. As we left Mistress told me to put the plug end in my mouth and to suck on it while we drove home. She said if she ever caught me using a penis plug without her permission she would require me to were a chastity cage on penis. I love her so much. Big Pussy

(Posted on 4/3/15)

Great Review by Little dick

receved plug today lubed it slid wright it feels great going to sleep with it in feels great hope to be able to cum through it not fully hard but feels great

(Posted on 3/18/15)

Great quality Review by David

Great quality

Well my penis plug arrived today and after cleaning t
And lubing it slide right in no problem size 8 so I could take probably 11 or 12 . Went in All way up to ring on glans ring. Literally just slipped right in.

plug has glans ring and it is size one inch Feels great. The glans ring is the one inch and I have ordered the 1- 1/4 so it will fit perfect after larger ring.
Right now I am at Mac Donald's eating and I have bulge in my pants and I am living it
I was not expecting the bulge but with glans ring.
Feels great

Will see how long it stays in so far over Ten hours for first time

(Posted on 3/2/15)

Excellent customer service Review by Rich

Shipping was fast, discrete. Had an issue with the product I received, however the matter was handled with exceptional speed, and with incredible business ethics and support. That is an extremely rare quality in this day and age, and I truly am impressed.

I'm not sure where I stand on ordering again, however I highly recommend anyone that may be skeptical of this business, to give them a chance and lend them your trust. They truly stand behind their satisfaction guarantee, and in any matter, you will not be disappointed in your dealings with The Chain Gang. I salute the entire crew.

Thank you all for taking a moment to read this review, I hope it speaks to someone who could use a bit of reassurance.

I commend

(Posted on 2/4/15)

excellent product Review by skyrider

Aptly described, couldn't be happier with the product or the superior service. Tjhis is now my store of choice.

(Posted on 12/30/14)

great Review by Hung

Great wife was able to slip right in and loved it. Stayed all day no problem at all

(Posted on 12/17/14)

The Best Review by David

The Flexible Ziro Penis Plug and Glans Ring is the best one you can buy. Excellent quality and fits comfortably. Everything about his product is exceptional. I bought the hollow version rather than the solid and am glad I did. The flex tube makes it very comfortable to wear. The glans ring is just the right size. I'm very happy with this product and would recommend it highly.

(Posted on 12/17/14)

Very nice! Review by Mike

This is the my first device of this type and all I can say is WOW. Very comfortable and enjoyable for both myself and my wife likes the feel of it too! Great customer service! I will be ordering again soon. Thanks!

(Posted on 10/15/14)

Best experience yet Review by curious

Truely comfortable. Glans ring larger than stated, but at 1&1/4 " proved to be perfect for me. Hefty weight, and exit of hollow remains outside just enough to be practical. Will need 9mm or 10mm insert soon, unless hollow diameter is increased somewhat. Self-adjusting design is 100% effective. Would be the best design for the first time buyer, and if available in larger diameters would be perfect for a client who plans to continue use indefinitely.

(Posted on 10/11/14)

Link nice Review by dikhol

I liked the linked arrangement at the end of this toy...linking the insertable tube to the glans ring....however...a thicker insertable would be nice!

(Posted on 9/10/14)

Better than my dreams Review by IaBoy

Pros.... Great craftsmanship. Sensual look, and for most part, great feel.

Negs... Wish the flex tube was another inch longer. Where the plug comes to rest it can be a little "pinchy" Also wish it was offered in 9 or 10mm and a little larger thru hole.

(Posted on 8/27/14)

Very stimulating Review by Wild

Got this and thought this would feel great, correction it was awesome, I inserted and i just swelled up , my penis is thick anyway I was really thick and feeling was out of the world for me. Great addition. Thanks

(Posted on 8/2/14)

amazing Review by steviej69

couldn't wait to try this one out, leave it in all day makes me very horny. slightly bigger might be more fun.

(Posted on 8/2/14)

Check your size! Review by Boris. J

I would recommend checking your size before buying (get a set of sounds!). I didn't realise until after I bought this (on a whim!), that my normal size is over 10mm, so this is way too small. It kind of bounces off the walls on the way in, if you get my meaning!!! I also would have preferred a rounded tip, not the tapered end. After playing with some sounds, it definitely feels much better if you're filled up... I should have gone for an 11mm with a rounded tip.

It's a well made product, the service and communication from The Chain Gang was good, so no complaints, just my error, should have checked my anatomy properly first!!!

(Posted on 8/1/14)

happy Review by adam od

Interesting plug, Flexible means I can wear it all day and its not too awkward. The glans ring it came with was bigger than the stated 1" so when flacid it was not staying in place. Its hard to find exactly the rite size ring you need but i'm trying different size key rings. When i figure out the rite size i'll order a new glans ring the correct size. I also wanted it a bit deeper so whats great with this plug is you can fit a longer plastic tube and make it whatever length u want. overall very happy with it.Thanks guys.

(Posted on 7/14/14)

Great product Review by Dave

I bought 2 types, I recommend this one hands down. I wore it all day to work and the sensations were all day long....Great product, I wil be buying other products like this in the future...Great job guys..........

(Posted on 6/24/14)

Pretty good quality Review by Mark

Edges just a tiny bit sharp, otherwise a good product even for a beginner!

(Posted on 5/28/14)

Fabulous Review by carter

good quality, finish, fit. would like a illustration to show which way is should be worn.

(Posted on 5/13/14)

Excellent starter plug Review by Mark

My first plug & I love it! Easy to wear all day... Not recommended for work hours the stimulation interferes with concentration, in a good way.

(Posted on 2/27/14)

Excellent Review by GCR

Amazing stimulus... & comfort!

(Posted on 2/24/14)

My first and won't be my last .. Review by Linesides

Great product ... At first I had to educate myself on the mechanics. At 67 years of age This was a first for me ... I ordered the optional 1 1/4 inch ring ... which is easier to install and remove .. But found that 10% of the time it would jump the Head ... I reinstalled the 1 inch Ring that it came with ... And it works a lot better ... Absolutely no discomfort , in fact you really don't even know the ring is there.

As far as the insert fit ... It fits me great . I had been sounding with about the same size or a little larger than this with other probes so I knew the size would work ... No ragged edges ... I bought the hollow ... The only way to go !!

I will be buying other products from the chain gang .. Happy, Happy, Happy !

(Posted on 10/20/13)

Good Stuff Review by NewGuy

Good item. Got the solid one, the edges on the top might be a little painful but at least the the glans ring is moveable. Even while flacid, the ring stays in place. Good for all day wear.

(Posted on 6/1/13)

Recommended Review by Andre

Very comfortable to ware, use lube to insert, lots of fun with girlfriend if she's into that.

(Posted on 4/26/13)

excellent Review by Riggy

I loved the this product first time I used this product fit very well
I had no problems put this into me. fit is great I can wear this all day I can even cum though this item

(Posted on 1/31/13)

Good plug and no sharp edges Review by No Sharp edges around hole at all

This is a good plug and no rough or sharp edges like some others that are out there, on the insertion end.

(Posted on 1/19/13)

Very Happy Review by Jim

Ordered the hollow version so I could wear it long term without having to remove it during the day. This is my first plug. It went in very easily with some lube. I did order a 1.125" ring with it because I thought the 1" plug would be too restrictive. It fits perfect, and feels great when I'm hard. The plug is high quality. The only concern I had is the fairly sharp ends of the connecting rod. I spent some time with a small file rounding off those ends, and then re-polished them. Much better now. My wife likes it better too! She loves to play with it, and while my sex life has always been good (married for 40 years), it seems like she can't get enough lately. She loves the feeling of it in her.

I can't get over the sensations I'm getting while wearing this plug. You know the feeling you get just before you cum - well that is what I've been getting a lot. After wearing it a while, it is easy to (almost) forget you have it in, then I'll move just right and wow!, something moves in there just right and I get that feeling. My underwear need changing more often because of the pre-cum I'm generating. It's hard to keep from playing with my penis all the time.

To say I'm merely happy with this would be a huge understatement! It won't be my only plug.

(Posted on 1/3/13)

My Favorite Plug Review by Joseph

All day and all night wear. Total comfort. My favorite plug. Highly recommended.

(Posted on 8/20/12)

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