14K Gold - Gem Ball Ring

14k Gold - Gem Ball Ring is a sparkly jewelry piece made to attract attention. The best of all: it can be used for almost any piercing type. This lovely ring will sure up your style and add some sparkle to your piercing.
As low as $71.99

14k Gold – Gem Ball Ring is a beautiful jewelry piece with a sparkly gem. You may use it for almost any piercing type.

The standard ball sizes typically used for this piece are:

  • 18 Gauge - 1/8" Bead
  • 16 Gauge - 5/32" Bead
  • 14 Gauge - 3/16" Bead
  • 12 Gauge - 3/16" Bead
  • 10 Gauge - 1/4" Bead
  • 8 Gauge - 1/4" Bead

All of the gold pieces we offer are made of 14k nickel-free gold for your comfort and safety. We use palladium instead of nickel in all of our gold pieces. It means our gold jewelry is body-friendly and safe to wear.

The gold is available in either 14k Yellow gold or 14k White gold. All of our gold pieces are 100% solid.

The gems we use for our pieces are Genuine Swarovski Cubic Zircons. They are Guaranteed in writing to never fall out. The gems are all hand set and not simply glued like with most of the other companies.

In case you wish to have Genuine Precious Stones instead of Cubic Zircons on your jewelry, simply email us and we will be glad to fulfill your request.

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