Every Pleasure Known Sounding Rod

The “Every Pleasure Known” Sounding Rod is a powerful urethral toy made for deep sensations. It is a must-have toy for your collection. It has sensual shapes running along the shaft that will touch all of your most sensitive spots. Stick it inside and experience a ride of your life! Solid 316L Surgical Steel.

The "Every Pleasure Known" Sounding Rod is a premium urethral toy made to satisfy even the most demanding users. It is specially designed to go deep and touch all of the most sensitive urethral spot, so you will enjoy it to the fullest.

This urethral toy has different shapes running along the shaft for the most arousing experience imaginable.

The whole toy is 8” long and it has peaks and valleys, humps and bumps so it will hit all the sweets spots. It is almost 10mm at its largest point, with handles on the top.

Stick this toy and experience the ride of your life!

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