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Every Pleasure Known Sounding Rod


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The “Every Pleasure Known” Sounding Rod is a powerful urethral toy made for deep sensations. It is a must-have toy for your collection. It has sensual shapes running along the shaft that will touch all of your most sensitive spots. Stick it inside and experience a ride of your life! Solid 316L Surgical Steel.

Every Pleasure Known Sounding Rod

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The "Every Pleasure Known" Sounding Rod is a premium urethral toy made to satisfy even the most demanding users. It is specially designed to go deep and touch all of the most sensitive urethral spot, so you will enjoy it to the fullest.

This urethral toy has different shapes running along the shaft for the most arousing experience imaginable.

The whole toy is 8” long and it has peaks and valleys, humps and bumps so it will hit all the sweets spots. It is almost 10mm at its largest point, with handles on the top.

Stick this toy and experience the ride of your life!

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Product Questions

What is the diameter of the various sections?

Customer Reviews

Holy fuck this is an awesome piece Review by William

I have ordered a few pieces as I can afford them. I can’t say how many times I’ve looked at this and wondered if I should order it or not. I broke down and ordered it. It came in today. I took it out of the package and like someone else who thought it would never fit. Since I have a spine for my cock this was the first sound I would ever put in my cock. I lubed it and let the weight of the piece do all the work. I took my time letting in slowly slide in. I never thought I would get all of it inside my cock. All the way to the crossbar. It’s now my favorite toy. Thanks CG for another awesome piece. This was my Christmas gift to myself.

(Posted on 12/13/18)

Wow Review by Sounder

Love this thing. It's the second one I've bought after losing the first one. The feeling of the ribs and bumps as they slide down your urethra is amazing. I love to cum with it in, then pull it out as I'm cumming. I also love pulling it out and pushing it back in steadily as I fuck my cock with it. Truly amazing and worth it, the feeling when it sinks in all the way is indescribable.

(Posted on 11/24/18)

Sizing seems wrong Review by jim

Product arrived in a timely manner and once I opened it I was impressed with the quality, beautiful piece of steel. But I knew right away that this was not not going to fit. Still I had to try, so I lubed up and attempted to insert with no luck I have other 10 mm rods that go in so I believe this may be a little bigger than advertised. I am not a quitter and know that eventually I will get it in

(Posted on 6/3/18)

Every Pleasure Known Review by trickii

This was not described as high grade stainless steel on the advert which was a disappointment. however it appears well made and finished with an attractive design. My girlfriend picked it out for me.the only advice that I can give to newcomers is that measure your body, buy a design and size which suits your size. If in doubt go small and smooth.very hot water and detergent alcohol wipes and medical gel a necessity. Go slow do not force anything. eventually after a couple of times of trying it will be gravity that determines progress.These toys have been around for many hundred of years but has seen a huge rise in popularity recently especially in Asia. Best advice dont buy on price buy on quality of material and finish., This items size is large so dont use a magnifying glass when measuring up your man !

(Posted on 7/31/16)

Innovative Review by Jeffery Andrew

Gives much pleasure. Perhaps in future a sound with some shapes of 11-12 mm. The weight is perfect.

(Posted on 6/25/16)

Pure ecstasy Review by Baddabing

I find the entire journey from the initial entry, the various sensations produced as each section passes through the tip of my penis and the feeling of the sound as it goes deeper inside me to be incredibly erotic.
This is a must have for those who want to experience the pleasure that can be found within.

(Posted on 4/12/16)

Outstanding! Review by Repeat

I give it a 10! This is my favorite sound/plug by far. The sensations are incredible and I can't get enough of it. I love the weight and feel. Masturbating with this rod is amazing and makes me keep "cuming" back for more! Best piece in my collection.

(Posted on 8/12/15)

Get this man toy asap, for urethral/penis stimulus Review by Mikejaapie

I've just started exploring the pleasurable sensations of inserting a toy into the urethral track of my penis, and I'm blown [!] away by this inventive and fun play resource involving sounding. Initially, I was afraid of bleeding and infection before I first inserted any toy or other objects down my urethral tube [needless worry, it turns out, in my experiences], but the toy provides me hygienic, medical-grade metal-toy possibilities of experiencing a different way to stimulate the cock in sex play. A little blood initially mixed in with the lube during my first attempts at exploring the stimulation of this novel play experience, for me, and a small drop of this bleeding and lube-drainage dripped out of my cock-slit, at initial usage, as I got more excited and pumped away. But there was no pain involved, nor subsequently any pain upon evacuation of the device, nor in subsequent cumming and peeing evacuating my penis subsequent to playing with this toy inside my cock. You can masturbate with it for intense feelings; the hardness of the metal inside the penis is an additional turn-on feature, and the length of the toy facilitates letting the pleasures slowly build, even if one does nothing further than insert the toy inside the urethra and let it ride there. Even my erect penis is relatively short, but this toy fit all the way inside (excepting the cross bar at the end), and even provided a fun, surprising sensation as the sound found its way all the way down into the shaft; the cross-bar at the top of the toy prevents directly "swallowing" the entire toy all the way inside the penis, so no real worry there, either! I do plan to use this 8-inch wonder toy for many future, alternative experiences to sexual and penal arousal and play, and recommend this toy to other healthy men.

(Posted on 3/21/15)

Awesome Review by Archie

As I am fairly new to sounding. I think my eyes were bigger than my urethra. Taking it out of the box, I quickly realized the size was much bigger than my current sounds.

But what the hell, lubed it up and "popped" it in. The initial "pop" was a little breathtaking but, within a few seconds, it just slid and popped its way to the handle.

AMAZING sensation by this sound. It made me want much more and the girlfriend soaking in her cotton panties.

Thanks guys.

(Posted on 2/6/15)

One of my favorite toys. Review by Scott

I have used sounds before and enjoyed them greatly. I never realized the level of stimulation this rod would bring ith so little effort! Definitely. Add it to your toy box if you've ever wanted a new adventure.........

(Posted on 9/2/14)

All I can say is WOW!! Review by George

It is long and smooth and has good weight. It will make you hard as a rock. I like to masturbate with it in and then remove it after I cum.

(Posted on 8/15/14)

Every Pleasure Known Review by Jim W.

I am writing this review with the device buried deep in my cock! Dropped right in and feels great! The 5/16 size is perfect and I would recommend it to anyone!

(Posted on 8/15/14)

I would recommend any novice sounder to give it a plunge...Pro's too -_- Review by Weepete

OMG! It dropped so smoothly...(smiling)

I did give it a little extra lube - just to help get my completely engorged member into a fleshlight as well...It did it's job perfectly!

My partner also gave me a thorough plunging with the EPKSR while penis was bound in a brass set of Gates of Hell...

In closing - GREAT toy! Your timely delivery was also greatly appreciated as well. Looking forward to any other upcoming sounds on your site for purchase.

PS. Can't wait to try the electro torture with this rod too.



(Posted on 4/25/14)

Fantastic Review by Kenneth

Oh my, this was just the perfect size for me. Every Pleasure Known- indeed! Great finish, variety of ribbed features, and the cross rod at the end is fixed so it is a wonderful attachment point for an e-stim alligator clip.

The length was perfect, buried it just short of the prostate. That is not bad, that's good, as in-and-out movement couldn't hurt me, but yikes, the feeling!

This is the single best piece I ever bought here. If you've a mild pop at 10mm like me, heavens, get this.

(Posted on 3/18/14)

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