Emperor's Staff Penis Plug

Experience the Emperor's Staff Penis Plug in all of it's glory and your only regret will be that you didn't indulge in the naughty pleasures it has to offer sooner!
The Emperor's Staff Penis Plug is here to make you feel like nobility with the amount of erotic pleasures it will bring to your special play time! This majestic beauty is made of 316L Surgical Steel, and is 5 inches in length. It has a beautifully made hollow shaft that dips and curves in and out with varying diameters but has a maximum diameter of almost 12mms. As mentioned it is hollow to allow the passage of bodily fluids, and it also has a ring on the end to assist in removal and prevent over insertion. This magnificently crafted plug is built to last and provide unending erotic joys for the entirety of your reign, and will prove more than worthy of your devotion!
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