Economy Insertion Tapers

Economy Insertion Tapers are basic yet effective tools made for comfortable stretching. If you wish to stretch your piercing to a larger gauge, these tapers will ensure a smooth and easy procedure. They are body-friendly so they will allow you to stretch your piercings comfortably.
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Economy Insertion Tapers allow you to stretch your piercings easily and without pain. Who says that stretching and inserting new jewelry has to be difficult? These insertion tapers will make the whole process smooth, easy and comfortable.

These tapers are specially designed to be body-friendly so they will not damage the tissue. Why go the hard, painful way? Order these tapers so you don’t have to worry about pain and discomfort.

SAVE $100.00 by ordering the Set

Please note: When Ordering: Always order the gauge that you are going up to!

For example, if you want a Taper that goes from 8 gauge up to 6 gauge, then Order the 6 gauge.

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