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Earlets & Tunnels

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Earlets and Tunnels: Basic Design

The basic design for earlets (eyelets) and flesh tunnels is the same. These are hollow tubes made for stretched piercings, most commonly stretched earlobes. The hole in the middle truly emphasizes the size of the piercing hole, which is ideal for those with very large gauge piercings.

Difference between Earlets and Flesh Tunnels

Earlets (also known as eyelets) and flesh tunnels are very similar in design. Both are large gauge jewelry pieces with a hole in the middle. The main difference is the way they are inserted. Earlets are hollow tubes that are typically single flared or double flared, though there are those without flares. (Those without flares require you to wear O-rings to hold them in place). Flesh tunnels typically have one removable end that screws back in place once you insert it into your ear or another piercing. As you can see, the main difference is the construction and the way they are inserted into the ear.