Hider Plug

Hider Plug is a great way to conceal your piercing. This comfortable plug will hide and keep your piercing until you are ready to insert a more noticeable jewelry piece.

Hider Plugs are made for all those situations when you have to hide your piercing. Perhaps your boss doesn’t allow body piercings at work, or maybe you want to present a less noticeable style. These plugs are ideal for hiding stretched earlobes and they are very soft and comfortable to wear.

The plugs are made from implant grade silicone so they are enjoyable to wear. They have a matte rounded front and a hollow back.

Keep in mind that hider plugs will make your piercings less noticeable, but won’t be able to completely hide them. There is no way to completely conceal stretched earlobes, but this hider plug is the best way to minimize the appearance of a stretched earlobe.

Please note: The plug is available in one color only, so it might not match your particular skin tone.

Please note: All pieces are priced individually. For a pair order 2.

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