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Ear Plugs

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Various Types of Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are the most popular jewelry styles for stretched earlobes and other stretched piercings. Depending on the design, there are various types of ear plugs. Smooth ones without flares have the same diameter from top to bottom. Those with one flare have one side smooth and another with a widened flare. There are also double flared ear plugs that have flares on both sides. Flares prevent the ear plug from slipping out of the piercing hole. In case you use a smooth ear plug without flares make sure to use O-rings to keep the plug in place.

How to Insert Ear Plugs?

Ear plugs are not difficult to insert, but you may need some practice. Smooth plugs without flares go in easily, but you need to keep them in place with the use of O-rings. Single flared plugs are easily inserted through the smooth side that goes on the back of the ear. However, if you use such a plug make sure to use an O-ring to keep the plug in place. Double flared plugs sometimes pose a bit of a challenge. To insert them without much trouble, make sure to use a bit of a lubricant to make the flare slip easily into the piercing hole. Also, make sure that your ear piercings are completely healed and properly stretched before you try to insert double flared ear plugs.