E-Stim Smooth Ultrasound

Blow your mind and your load with the E-Stim Smooth Ultrasound! Find a new orgasmic intensity that your love life and sexual play has been lacking and experience a new best friend in Electrosex play!
The E-Stim Smooth Ultrasound is an advanced smooth sound for use with the E-Stim Systems Powerbox, and is ready to start you on your electrosex adventure! Available in 3 sizes 8mms,10mms, and 12mms all are 7 inches in length, so you can get the perfect fit. Lube it up and insert it gently into the urethra, once secure insert the adapter into the end and turn on the power as little or as much to produce maximum pleasure. Quench your sexual thirst with one intense orgasm after another! Compatible with the E-Stim Systems Powerbox Only, Cables Required, both SOLD SEPARATELY!
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