E-Stim Electro Torpedo

You'll fall in love with the E-Stim Electro Torpedo and the most extraordinary satisfaction it will give you time after time as it lays claim to your body! This toy will have you mesmerized from the first use as you'll never want it to be the last!
The E-Stim Electro Torpedo will conquer your electrosex desires as it delves deep into your body bringing unending pleasure as it goes! This polished beauty will fit more naturally into your body while still providing a substantial weighted feeling. It measures in at an overall 5 1/2 inches in length with a diameter of 50mms. Simply apply lube, insert the torpedo until comfortable, then plug in the cable to the torpedo, and lastly plug the cable into your powerbox and adjust the controls to desired intensity. Requires E-Stim Systems PowerBox and E-Stim Cable for use (SOLD SEPARATELY). Pursue your electrosex endeavors with this exquisite beauty today!
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