E-Stim Conductive Rubber Loops

Let the E-Stim Conductive Rubber Loops enliven your senses! Feel the current pulsing through you as these little toys bring you unimaginable pleasure again and again!
The E-Stim Conductive Rubber Loops are an amazing accessory to have to increase pleasure and fun with your Power Box! The Rubber Loops come in two sizes either 2mm or 4mm. Simply slide the Rubber Loops over your penis MAKING SURE THEY DON'T TOUCH, squeeze the adjustable collar until desired fit is reached, insert your plug into the end of the loop and the other plug into the other loop NEVER THE SAME LOOP, Plug your cable into your Power Box, and turn on the power adjusting to desired level of intensity is reached. Rubber Loops require a Estims Systems Power Box and Cables (SOLD SEPARATELY)! When in use the area between the two loops will be stimulated, so adjust them accordingly.
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