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Double Ring Sperm Stopper


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The Double Ring Sperm Stopper is a more extreme version of our popular Sperm Stopper toy. It is made to fully satisfy you and make you cum over and over again. It is made for your and your partner’s enjoyment so it will provide so much arousing fun!

Double Ring Sperm Stopper

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The Double Ring Sperm Stopper is a new version of our popular Sperm Stopper toy. It’s made for a more extreme pleasure and satisfaction. Both you and your partner will enjoy this amazing toy.

It has two 1 ¼” rings in diameter and the ball (Sperm Stopper) is about 8mm .

You can wear the double rings on your glans and insert the ball into your urethra for a complete experience. This penis toy offers style, function and pleasure. It also looks so good so you can use it as effective penis jewelry.

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Product Questions

How far down into your penis hole will this go?

Customer Reviews

Love this Review by David

Just got mine today, and it's been in since....6 it. As soon as weather warms up it's off to the nude beach for me, can hardly wait.
Ty ChainGang

(Posted on 6/1/18)

Perfect Review by Dave

I would buy this one over single ball is bigger and goes deeper in penis

Quality is top notch

Today I got a Brazilian and my waxer She thought this was real PA piercing. But she started showing me her tatts. Got to see two really nice ones but I ll let you guess where they were .

Very comfortable and felt great for all day wear.

Buy this one it looks real to someone who actually has her hands on it .

(Posted on 3/6/15)

Prolomnged sensitivity tool Review by O-man

Suggest not inserting until aroused and then be very generous with a sterile lubricant like KY Jelly. Very arousing when providing oral pleasure to your partner. When your partner begins to gently stimulate you, it feels as if they are "inside" you. After orgasam, it is really a rush to see nothing appear until the sperm stopper is removed. At that point everything pops out under delayed pleasure/pressure. WOW

(Posted on 11/3/14)

great addition to my collection Review by prk59

I ordered this item with several others. They arrived quickly, thank goodness because I was bursting with anticipation.
The double ring sperm stopper was the first item I tried out. I've never tried urethral insertion before....OMG why did I wait.
I swim for fitness and the double ring sperm stopper shows nicely through the thin material o my swim suit. Of course I removed the liner. Got some nice stares from male and female swimmers and the lifeguards too.
Added some cock rings and ball stretchers and my package really stood out. Went to a couple hotel/resorts and hung out at the pools. I've figured out where the flight crews stay and head there to try and hook up. They're not as promiscuous as they were in the 70s and 80s, but it's easy to find a few who are up for a quick anonymous fling.
Find a woman(or group) make eye contact, flaunt my stuff. Ask for help applying sunscreen, return the favor. Crotch gently rubbing feet, face or head as I apply lotion. Slip fingers under swim suit material, make sure she can feel my hardening cock. Once I start fingering pussy or ass, its all over. Several fuck sessions in pools and hot tubs.
The women who saw the double ring sperm stopper were a bit intimidated at first, but really got excited, eager to play with it, and see if the sperm stopper really worked.
Need to proceed cautiously with vaginal and anal penetration because the rings can catch and pinch skin, yours and theirs.
BTW it's not really a sperm stopper,,,,it's more of a sperm slower, the sperm sort of dribbles out so don't think it's an alternative to birth control.
BUT HOLY COW the orgasm is really awesome!!!!

(Posted on 8/19/14)

Works Review by andrew

Only thing I didn't like was that the ball does not extend past the rings.
And the double ring design does hold it firmly in place as tightly as you want.

(Posted on 11/17/13)

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