Deluxe Insertion Tapers

The Deluxe Insertion Tapers are premium tools made for stretching your piercings to a larger gauge. They are specially designed to be comfortable and easy to use. Each of them can fit jewelry for smooth insertion. These tapers are made for stretching without pain!

The Deluxe Insertion Tapers are made with comfort in mind. They are designed to allow for easy, pain-free stretching experience. Not to mention they are truly beautiful. These tapers are machined from solid 316L Surgical Steel so they are medical-grade, safe and durable.

They taper to approximately two inches and then graduate smoothly. They are also rounded from tip to back for your comfort.

The best thing about these tapers is that each has a recessed back to create a perfect place for jewelry to fit. There is no more losing the connection between jewelry and the taper!

These tapers are specially designed to keep jewelry in place during insertion. The jewelry will fit nicely into the back of the taper, making stretching and insertion very smooth and comfortable.

These may cost a little more than the basic economy tapers, but this investment will pay off. These are the very best Insertion Tapers you can find!

Please note: You can purchase Deluxe Insertion Tapers individually or in a set. The set includes 18 gauge to 00 gauge. Purchasing tapers by the set gives you huge savings (over $145.00) compared to individual purchase.

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