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Shipping & Delivery
Most of our orders are shipped out in less than 7 business days, usually 3 to 5, assuming that we have all of the items needed to fill your order in stock, and nothing has to be custom ordered or made for you. All of our gold items are custom made, and take approximately 2 to 2.5 weeks for our Jeweler's to complete.
We will then send your order out to you vie the delivery method that you chose when you ordered. Just to be clear, choosing faster mail service will not change how your order is filled by us, it still takes that long because we are shipping out the orders as fast as we can. Some will ship out to you in only 1 day, but most will not.
All orders are shipped by USPS

Privacy & Security
At Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang we are aware of you're concerns about both your Security, and your Privacy when making a purchase online. Because of this, we have made a firm commitment to all types of security issues, as well as respecting and maintaining your privacy. Hopefully this page will answer all of your questions regarding issues of Security, and privacy. We want your experience here to be enjoyable and stress free. Security Page

Returns & Replacements
100% Coverage against manufacturers defects
100% Satisfaction Guarantee (Provided it was not custom made, and also that it is still in the original sealed clear package)
Ball Weights, and non insertable Cock rings we will exchange for you if you order the wrong size even after they are opened within 30 days
We always try to work with you when we can. Here is a link to the; Full Guarantee Page

You can order Online, by Fax, or Mail in. Sorry no we do not offer phone support.
Online is the most accurate, and the fastest for sure.
Fax provided it is legible.
Mail in orders are fine however we highly reccomend that you pay for those by money order because if you pay by check we will hold the order for 15 days. So that means 2 weeks before we ever even look at an order paid for by check.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
We accept All major Credit cards, Paypal, Money Orders as well as Personal Checks
Most all all promotions are done through our newsletter The Body Jewelry News which is emailed out twice a month. We never sell or rent your email address.
You can subscribe to The Body Jewelry News right here Newsletter

Viewing Orders & Order Status
You can simply log into your account at anytime to see your current and past orders, as well as the current status of your order. You can verify what you ordered as well as where it being shipped to.
If you would like to know the status of your order;
Log into your account
There you will see your orders listed along with the Original Date of the order, and the Status.
Pending = is when you place an order (usually 0 to 3 days)
Processing = is when we start working on it (remember the lenth of time depends on what you ordered)
Backorder = is when it is out of stock (can not say when it happens or when it will be filled)
Shipped = is completed and shipped to you via the method you chose.

Updating Account Information
You can log into your account 24/7 to change any of your information, as well as update or add addresses.
One thing though if you need to change a shipping address and you have a pending order in will not change that order. WHen you change items in your account it changes your account it changes your account only which will in turn change all future orders, but it will not change orders that were already placed.
For changes to orders that you have already placed you will have to email us at; Customer Service

Mailing Information

Mailing Address:
Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang
P.O. Box 166
Vernon, Florida 32462

Fax Number :

Email;   Customer Support