Clearance - Hanks Dilator Set

Hank’s Dilator Set is a great collection of sounds made for all fans of deep urethral stimulation. This is a great way to start stretching or perhaps to expand your collection to reach new levels of pleasure. This is a fantastic urethral dilator set with a twist – a perfectly placed bead!
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Hank’s Dilator Set is a powerful collection of urethral toys made for all fans of this type of stimulation. It will help you stretch easily and it can be used to expand your collection and reach new levels of pleasure. This is a great urethral dilator set you don’t want to miss.

There are 12 different sizes in the set on 6 sounds. They are starting at 9 and going all the way to 20 (French). What makes these sounds special is a perfectly placed bead made for additional stimulation. The bead is about ¼ of the way down each end so it will sure make you aroused in no time.  The bead puts just that little extra pressure inside you and you will love to experience this feeling over and over again.

The sounds are made of high-quality Surgical Steel so they are body-friendly, safe and durable. They are 10 ¾” long and come in a leather zipper case.

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