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Circular Style Cock Ring with Egg Shape Butt Lock


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Circular Style Cock Ring with Egg Shape Butt Lock is a special toy made for intense stimulation. This is a unique type of a Butt Lock, so it provides both anal and penis stimulation at the same time. The unique ball design is contoured for a pleasurable insertion and best comfort. This is a toy that will hit all of your sweet spots at once!

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Circular Style Cock Ring with Egg Shape Butt Lock

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Circular Style Cock Ring with Egg Shape Butt Lock is a multi-functional toy made to hit several different sensual spots at once. This is a special form of a Butt Lock toy you will love to use over and over again.

It is made of high-quality Surgical Steel so it’s medical-grade, durable and polished to perfection.

It is made to enhance pleasure on men, but it can also be used to provide a lot of enjoyment to the woman.

This toy has a unique ball design that is contoured to ensure easy and pleasurable entry. The “egg” is approximately 2 ¼” long and 1 ½” wide (not including the shaft). The Cock Ring itself is available in various sizes.

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Product Questions

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Hi. Love the site. How long is the “arm” between the bend in the egg plug and the cock ring?
Are there different size replacement egg shape balls?
Can you use the balls from the "Cock Lock Intruder"?
If I bought the "Circular Style Cock Ring with Egg Shape Butt Lock" is the egg shaped ball interchangeable with the standard "Cock Lock Intruder"?

Customer Reviews

love to try Review by Mark7even

Ive have the anal intruder and could not wear the ring around both cock and balls. I could get them in but once erect it was painfully tight I wish you had a 55mm or 60mm ring option. I still use the intruder but only go around my balls. I had to change the angle of the stem to accommodate the different angle but it works and I can still enjoy wearing it around the house and have great sex. It feels great to have my balls and ass working in unison. Still love to have the bigger size so I could wear it all day and night.

(Posted on 11/19/18)

Good but need options for smaller sized Egg & larger ring size - 55 mm or 58 mm Review by JP

Good piece, but need options for Smaller sized Eggs, and 55 mm or 58 mm ring size ...

(Posted on 4/16/16)

Oh What. Feeling Review by Mr. C

I'm not very good at writing reviews, but this little gem, I had to write one about,I've had mine for about two months now, and I totally love it, I got the larger size, and I'm so glad that I did,it's very comfortable for long time wear, in fact I wear it to bed, I love the feeling of the egg sliding inside and out, just enough to hit that spot,also bending down makes it slide down just enough, to make me feel as if I need to keep bending over to pick up things, great toy, use a little coconut oil to lube it, it lasts longer and keeps it sliding back and forth inside you. I love it a lot ,easily my favorite toy for long and short time wear, you did a great job with this one, before I go, may I add that I'm wearing it now from last night when I slept with inside me. Highly recommend this one.

(Posted on 12/25/15)

Nice Review by fyngyz

I have purchased a few other metal items similar to this and have found this to the best one. The quality is excellent and have no issues with rust which occured with some of the the other ones mostly where the ball attaches. It would be greatly appreciated if there were other egg shaped options (ie. larger or heavier) to enhance the experience.

(Posted on 12/7/15)

Can't wait to figure this one out Review by Daddy's boy

This is just the most recent of many purchases from Chain Gang, all of which have been great, along with Sara's customer service. However, this item has thrown me a bit; I'm wondering if any of the other reviewers might explain how they get everything where it's supposed to be? Do you put the cock ring on first (balls through one at a time, then soft cock) and THEN insert the butt lock, or insert the butt lock first, and then try to slide balls and cock through the opening in the ring? Appreciate any help.

(Posted on 11/30/15)

A Top Quality Product Review by Froghair

As others have mentioned, the cock ring and butt plug are surgical quality and heavy. The cock right snugs up behind the balls and cock and has large bead ends, so it's not a complete circle. The reach to the rectum is perfect and the heavy egg slides right in, no lube necessary. I purchased some disposable douche bottles and used one before insertion. I clean it up and use it before I enjoy the egg again. The egg does rest right up against the prostate and with some manual manipulation of the ring and shaft I can have a climax like no other. I can't wear it but a few minutes while walking around the house because the egg comes out easily, I am an older heterosexual male so muscle tone is probably in play here. I would love to see a larger size ball, at least 2 1/2 " wide and 3 1/2 inches long; I believe the egg would stay in with that width. There is a guide on the site on how to calculate the circumference of the rock ring for your cock and balls, or I believe that Sara will be pleased to help like she did me.

(Posted on 11/29/15)

Cock and butt tool Review by Bertie

As with others, very pleased. Would like to try some alternatives to the std. Egg, i.e., more length, perhaps add'l weight. Effective but perhaps more closure on the ring would be appreciated. The small balls on the ring were stimulating, goes well with the 15 oz. balls stretcher (hinged).

(Posted on 11/24/15)

Great Review by Guest

As noted before, better if the two circle ends were closer together,finish was great
and the egg shape was very comfortable, once it was all the way in. Kept it for a day
and a half, so is fun to wear for long periods

(Posted on 6/20/15)

too big Review by chub75

The quality is there as always with the products made by The Chain Gang. The problem is with this item the egg is too big for me at 1 1/2 inches circumference,,since this screws off It would be nice if I could purchase something in the 1 to 1 1/4 inch range to replace the original piece. Feel free to let me know if you make anything like that, it doesn't have to be an egg.

(Posted on 4/19/15)

Nice surprise! Review by C.

I was surprised by the weight and size of this toy. Very pleasantly surprised. The egg is a good fit and enters easily, stays in place and responds well to any motion from the ring end. I find the ring difficult to get on due to the angle and usually wind up sliding everything through the gap in the ring while still soft. After that, literally hours of pleasure. Planning to try it out with e-stim as well.

(Posted on 4/19/15)

WOW Review by Andrew

As always The Chain Gang's swift delivery is a plus. The Egg Shape Cock Lock is an unbelievable addition to my toy box. Very heavy and very pleasant.
Highly Recommended!

(Posted on 4/16/15)

Great Item Review by Michael

This product is amazing. i was very surprised with the weight of it, it was a perfect fit and i like how it locks in and holds a cock ring. I was a little disappointed with the time it took to get it but Customer Service stated it was on backorder after i had to reach out to them.

(Posted on 8/31/14)

great item Review by coitusmaximus

When I received this item I was floored by the weight and the size..I said to myself I really messed up on the sizing!! So when I contacted customer support I was disappointed that it along with two others of the same size but different style could not be returned. After a couple of days...I ventured back to the box..and decide to try out the new toys. I was able to easily and painlessly insert the butt end and it filled me up deliciously!! What a surprise!! I am a heterosexual male that enjoys anal play and prostate this "little gem"...was a fun surprise...the "cock ring fit almost perfectly and I was able to wear it comfortably most of the evening while watching TV
Highly recommend this item.

(Posted on 7/1/14)

"Oh what a feeling" Review by Bonkers

What a great yet not so little item. Fits great and I love the feeling would highly recommend this product.

(Posted on 5/15/14)

Excellent! Review by Fyngyz

I received it in the mail last week. I have ordered other ones that are similar to it from other sellers but found that shape of the plug to be an issue. The ball shaped ones are uncomfortable going in and out. The egg shaped one that this has is the best. It is easy going in but it stays in place and it is much easier to remove. I agree with a previous review in that it would be nice if there were other larger sized options for the egg to "grow into". I highly recommend this product.

(Posted on 3/6/14)

Out of this world Review by RJ

Chain Gang Team surpasses themselves with this product. Just arrived and had one of the best play hour's for some time. The 50 mm cock ring is perfect and the plug just slides in and is as good as some of the prostate simulators I have purchased - walking the house was a great idea :) Suggestion - make some additional egg shape plugs which are a little longer and wider.

Great job again from the best team around I will be playing with this toy for some time.

(Posted on 11/18/13)

Great product! Fast delivery Review by Bohica

This item arrived in my mailbox 4 days after ordering -- fantastic order fulfillment!! Of course, I had to try it out right away, and was not disappointed. The item is much bigger (and heavier!!) than I imagined it would be, but that's not a complaint. After measuring the diameter of other comfortable cock rings that I own, I ordered the 50 mm size ring, and it fits nicely. It's very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I wore it for over 6 hours one weekend as I cleaned around the house after hosting a party. If you have to vacuum and dust and pick up around the house anyway, this (not so) little toy makes this mundane task more enjoyable. This is the 3rd item I've ordered from The Chain Gang, and I have been completely satisfied with each item, including the the service and delivery. I don't typically submit reviews to online stores that I patronize, but the quality of the products at The Chain Gang and their speedy service deserves recognition. Will be back again soon, I'm sure.

(Posted on 10/21/13)

Great cock lock Review by uptounboi

This is a great cock-lock/ass-plug. The ring is obviously not designed to go around the glans (as the description states) but fits around the base of the cock and balls. Then the egg fits nicely in the ass. The size and angle work very well for comfortable long-term wearing. I got the 50mm size which is comfortable on my sub. He loves the feeling he gets as he walks around the house doing chores. It keeps him hard the entire time.

(Posted on 9/30/13)

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