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Tribal Dream Circle Ring


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Tribal Dream Circle rings are just simply AWESOME. No Pliers Needed. They have a single segment that easily comes out and is locked in by a Surgical Steel Allen Screw which we even include 2 allen wrenches for just in case you lose one.

Smooth Mirror Finish and a perfect mating of the haves means absolutely no sharp edges or pinching.

Solid 316L Medical Grade Surgical Steel so you can use them in any of your piercings without concern.

These are Very popular for PA's and Septum's.
  • Surgical Steel Tribal Dream Large Gauge Ring

Surgical Steel Tribal Dream Large Gauge Ring

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Tribal Dream Circle Rings are specially designed rings ideal for larger gauge piercings. They are similar in look to a Segment Ring, but the segment is free, no tension to screw around with and no risk of losing the segment. They are also available in much larger gauges then a Segment could be.

The Tribal Dream Circle Rings will come apart in two halves, so it’s very easy to open them and insert them into your piercing. Similarly, it’s very easy to take them out. They have a good opening so that you can insert them into your piercing without trouble. With the Circle Rings you don’t have to worry: the two halves are easily opened and they make a perfect fit.

Each Tribal Dream Circle Ring is precision drilled so a small side fitting set screw nicely locks the two halves together. The screw is located deep into the ring and since it has such a secure fit there will be no more pinching, scratching or binding or sharp edges. The screw is set into the ring, so that it is not even seen or felt.

Also, another advantage of these rings is that there is no risk of losing a ball or a segment in the worst possible time. You don’t even have to use any Ring Opening or Ring Closing pliers for these rings, even the largest gauges, just a regular Allen wrench, which we include 2 of them for you.

Tribal Dream Circle Rings are made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel, just like all of our steel pieces. They are cut out from a single block of Surgical Steel and not from a bent wire so they mate perfectly with no rough edges at all.

Product Questions

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i currently have the 5/8 gauge at 1" for my pa and i love it. sometimes the weight however can make it sensitive over time. could you clarify the weight difference between the 1/2" , 3/8" from the 1"? still in 5/8 gauge (in grams if possible).
is the 'your size' option the inner diameter of this piece, or the outer?
thanks in advance.
High so is there only 1 allen screen and then the other side pivots? I seem someone do a review on something similar to this but it had two screws and I feel like 2 screw holes would hurt a prince albert. I also would need it hat at least 12 or 13mm so which one is it?
My selection is the 1/2" gauge, by 7/8 ID. How much will weigh?

Do you have a picture of the 1 gauge 5/8 diameter of this? Is the hole as pictured here, or does it go at an angle? I had one of these once, but the hole was at a weird angle that made the piece thinner there, so it would always get stuck at that point in an uncomfortable way.

Any chance of getting one in 9mm
Just wanted to confirm if these are sold individually or as a pair before I make a purchase.
Can you make this in titanium?
I lost my screw to hold the two in place, is it a part to be reorder? I'm 00g
How heavy is 2g 1/2 ?
What is the weight of 0ga size 3/8?
is this price for only one ring?!?

Customer Reviews

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Awesome stuff. Real quality. I wear openly everywhere I go. Review by nuudman

Whether at the pool, beach, lake, gym, sauna, etc I am an open nudist. I proudly wear my products from Chain Gang. Stuff is just superior. Wish CG sold spare parts for this stuff. I have lost several of the SS cap screws and can't find them anywhere.

(Posted on 12/16/18)

Tribal Dream Circle Rings Review by kat

What a quality piece of body jewelry!!! I am a BDSM Painslut slave to my Master and am using it as a hood ring. After years of having to replace captive bead rings, fixed bead rings, etc. we have finally found a ring that will stand up to the extreme play we engage in. Master will be placing another order in about 2 weeks. Thanks Chain Gang for your impeccable service and quality products!


(Posted on 12/8/18)

Should have bought this ages ago Review by TK

My 00g CBR kept rotating into me and it wasn't comfortable, so I bought one of these tribal dream rings. It's SO much more comfortable and can slide right through the piercing. Money well spent

(Posted on 11/24/18)

Tribal Dream Circle Ring Review by RE

This isn't the first time I've bought and worn this type of ring from Chain Gang, this is a different gauge. I think the craftsmanship is excellent. The parts all fit together perfectly, the screw(s) are easy to insert, the allen wrenches fit. The ring is very comfortable to wear, no chafing or pinching or sharp edges. I'm remaining a loyal Chain Gang customer, having been one for many years.

(Posted on 11/12/18)

This ring is an eye catcher! Review by Prince Gauge

Can't gush about how much I love this ring enough!!! I've had several buddies and play friends get their PA done and tell me how the can't wait to size up n get a TDR! I love the smoothness of the piece and also the guys love it too lol

(Posted on 10/25/18)

MAGNIFIQUE Review by Gilles

The Tribal Dream Ring 16x22 mm is an incredible jewel, perfect size and weight. Impossible to find so beautiful (and less expensive) in Europe.
Merci beaucoup from France!

(Posted on 10/17/18)

love the weight of the 1/2" Review by spbnh

These TDRs are the only way to go for larger gauges (PA). I had been wearing a 00g for almost a year (and loved it) and recently stretched to the 1'2". I love the weight, but do admit I was nervous stretching to this size! I normally wear a 5/8 diameter, but found the smaller size (1/2") is a perfect size for this bigger ring and also looks good in my PA.

(Posted on 10/13/18)

Good buy Review by D.

I bought two of the TDCR 0ga 3/8in dia. for my ears. So much easier to put in than segment rings and they look and feel great! So glad I found these!

(Posted on 10/2/18)

Very nice Review by DB

Waiting on my strech to open
a little more but it looks good setting on my dresser

(Posted on 9/29/18)

Love It! Review by Nick

Just got the 1g 7/8 tribal dream ring. After a soak and some taper action it slipped right into my PA. It’s snug, smooth, looks impressive and feels great - the weight as it moves is VERY enjoyable. Chain Gang is the only place I know of that carries 1g jewelry and I just ordered the 1g screwball ring as well. IMO this is the easier and more comfortable way to stretch from a 2g to a 0g PA. Will definitely be wearing a 0g tribal dream ring when it’s time to stretch again. Thanks guys for the high quality, great selection and quick, friendly service!

(Posted on 9/29/18)

Fantastic Review by Nick

This is a terrific product, it’s well made and comes withi extra screw and wrench. I purchased a 1g 7/8 to help stretch my PA from 2g to 0g but since I’m not quite there yet I just ordered it in 2g and plan to wear it as my go to ring while stretching up to the 1g. Can’t wait!

(Posted on 9/20/18)

Perfect thickness, size, weight Review by SciFiCowboy

I found a 0ga was just a bit too much, my 2ga was okay, but I like the feel of the weight. I got the 1ga, smaller diameter and it's great. Just enough weight to know it's there, obvious enough in the showers to show off. ;-) (cuz you know guys check each other out all the time anyway) LOL.
The hex nut that holds it is a great idea. I get people all the time asking if that hurt, thinking they punched a 1ga hold in my junk. LOL

(Posted on 9/19/18)

Fantastic Review by Servo

I ordered 2 TDRs in different diameters, along with a monster screwball.
The delivery for everything was amazing. Received the order in Australia in less than 10 days. That was normal post, no special delivery.
Did have a small hitch with one of the TDRs, the Allen key and spare screw were for a larger gauge ring. But as I have 2 I didn’t bother trying to return it and get a new one.
Again the quality is amazing, not scratchy edge on the slot where the screw is located in the ring and the edges of the joins are nicely smooth and slightly beveled.

(Posted on 8/20/18)

excellence Review by stevegee

i have never been let down by anything from The Chain Gang, and their ability to produce high-quality jewelry at low prices is seen beautifully in this piece. it comes with an additional allen wrench and screw as a bonus, and the seam fit is perfect.

(Posted on 7/27/18)

Amazing Review by SomeGayDude

This was recommended by there staff. I figured I'd try it and see. Best jewelry I've ever worn. Thanks.

(Posted on 7/27/18)

Best ever Review by Riorobbie

I have 3 sizes.....working towards the the weight, the look, and I’m not losing ring balls anymore.

(Posted on 7/11/18)

get it Review by mikepierced

Love it. Beautifully made and very comfortable. If you don't have one, get one. I have several in different sizes to soot my mode and I ware them all day.

(Posted on 7/8/18)

16x25 mm. A big one... Review by Gilles

« My heaviest, largest, most cumfortable experience! » Abert says. My ultimate family jewel. Magnifique. Merci beaucoup from Brittany!

(Posted on 7/7/18)

Accurate size/Perfect finish make all the difference Review by Benjamin

I've attempted to go from 0g to 00g before. I ordered from a different company and the ring did not have as nice of a finish. My skin got really irritated and made stretching to a larger size impossible. Now I have this ring and could not be happier. Perfect finish makes stretching not nearly as uncomfortable. And the size is accurate to my gauge reader(the other one was not). I'll never order from another company again

(Posted on 6/12/18)

Love it!! Review by AntMan

Great alternative to a heavy gauge BCR. Much more comfortable for my partner too. Great bit of engineering!!

(Posted on 6/7/18)

Awesome piece of jewelry Review by Brian

Great craftsmanship. Easy to assemble and no rough edges. Very pleased

(Posted on 5/9/18)

Great purchase Review by woz

High quality , just like every thing else from the chain gang

(Posted on 5/6/18)

Awesome piece. Got my 00gauge c 1/2in a few days after placing my order. Awesome service. Review by Sjon

Placed a order and got it within a few days.Awesome service. My PA a 00gauge x 1/2in fits well.I was initially afraid by down sizing from a 5/8in but the new size works..
Product made of a high quality and came complete with spares

(Posted on 5/4/18)

Chain Gang products Review by Thomas

We have ordered several different products from C.G. now and all have been great quality pieces. This time it was a total of 3 tribal dream rings for my wife's inner and outer labia, a 2g × 3/8 dia for her inner and 2 2g × 5/8 dia for her outer. These are the first pieces of jewelry that she has not complained about pinching and pulling on her lips. She says they are the most comfortable jewelry that she has ever worn there. The only issue is the weight on her inner lip, she can't wear it longer than a couple days at a time yet. As always, the orders usually take just a few days to get to us. Chain Gang you Guys Rock!!!

(Posted on 4/11/18)

Great Piece!! Review by Thomas

I ordered the 0g.×7/8" for my P.A.,great piece of jewelry. Love the size and weight.Will order the 00g.soon!!

(Posted on 3/19/18)

Fits great Review by W8jrl

Love it

(Posted on 7/5/16)

00G Reverse PA heaven Review by RPA

Love it.....bought it in 3 sizes in 00G. Weight is not an issue! Reverse PA heaven!

(Posted on 6/25/16)

Love it! Review by Nkdictguy

Finally got to the 0 gauge in! Who knew how fun this monster guiche would be thank you!

(Posted on 6/4/16)

Top Quality Review by brad

had one of these in 5/8..went to 3/4 2ga...really like the bigger size. Looks great in my P.A. I was wanting to also wear it in my scrotum piercing,tried it,but to light,i like something with a little weight that i can feel thru out the day. Very easy to put in,and because it screws together with a small allen screw i don't have to worry about loosing a ball.

(Posted on 5/16/16)

Awesome Review by Beardedscot

Love the piece

(Posted on 5/12/16)

extremely well crafted Review by Jeryd

I am very pleased with the tribal rings I got from you! They are extremely well crafted. I especially like the Frenched-in allen bolts! Very slick indeed. Five stars! * * * * *

(Posted on 5/10/16)

Great piece of jewelry Review by Gunny

I have two of these rings. I ordered a 1 gauge and then later ordered a 0 gauge. Both are 3/4 inch and for my PA. The rings arrived In a timely manner. The quality is great, just as with the other products I recieved from The Chain Gang. Initially, I was concerned about the seems and the cut for the set screw. I really can't feel either. The rings feel smooth. I am currently wearing the 0 on a daily basis. I am ordering an acrylic ring to give myself a little break from time to time and for travel, but I will wear this most of the time. Also, my wife gives them a big thumbs up for sex. Thanks for the great jewelry.

(Posted on 5/3/16)

00 Gauge 5/8" Review by Jason

Easy to take in and out.
Love that each ring comes 2 keys and a spare screw.
I wear these in my ears, through my 7/8" (22mm) Flesh Tunnels, to add extra shazaam!

(Posted on 4/24/16)

Kick ass Review by brody12304

I just got my 1/2 Tribal Dream Circle Ring 5/8 opening it is for my PA piercing.
I love it looks good feels good love the weight.

(Posted on 4/22/16)

Awesome Review by Superman

I have had the 00 gauge tribal dream ring in for a few months now I love it. It looks amazing and don't have to worry about losing it. The only problem I'm having is it seems to stay sore especially when I wake up in the mornings.

(Posted on 4/15/16)

Comfortable Review by Kentie

I started wearing a 00g PA about two years ago. The jewelry I found was ok, but caused me issues because the ball(s) were too small. When I saw this piece I was excited to try it and see if it would solve my problem. It did! It fits nicely and I am happy with it. I would add a caution. The 1 inch diameter version is very heavy. I repurchased the ⅝ inch version and it is a charm.

(Posted on 4/12/16)

Awesome quality products & great service! Review by Aktiv1

My first order from The Chain Gang - after finding a way to get it to South Africa - but I had to have these rings - ordered 0, 00 & 1/2" gauges.
The 0 gauge is way too light after the 00 gauge monster screwball ring I was wearing - even the 00 gauge feel a little light, BUT I can wear it all day all night! Can't wait for my PA to get stretched enough to try the 1/2" gauge!
The best service I yet received from an online retailer - I'll be back for more!

(Posted on 4/11/16)

Tribal dream circle ring Review by Mick

The tribal dream circle ring is awesome feels really nice in my p.a just a little bit heavy...would love it if were lighter in some way...looks wikid too ;-)

(Posted on 4/4/16)

perfect Review by Bear

Working on stretching my 00 PA to 1/2 inch. Love the weight. Just short of 4 oz.

(Posted on 3/27/16)

Great Design Review by Rick

Finally, a simple to install, heavy gauge ring. So happy that I have 4 of them now.

Haven't lost a screw yet, but glad they ship with two spares and two hex wrenches too.

(Posted on 3/14/16)

Recommended for established piercings Review by AlphaDJ

Recently gauged my PA down from 2 to 1 gauge. I use 3/4 inch diameter, the commonly available 5/8 is too tight. Have a screw ball in 1 gauge but wanted to try something different.

While the piece is very high quality, the bumps and ridges were just too irritating to the freshly stretched fistula. Back to the smooth screw ball. I'll give it a couple months to build up some scar tissue and try again. Did like the look and feel, but I have a very active lifestyle and the irritation just a bit much for me.

(Posted on 3/2/16)

Just perfect Review by Waldi

Very good service, fast shipping, no problems with this beautiful ring (o gauge) at the airport security, really perfect, thank you.

(Posted on 3/1/16)

Fantastic!!!!! Review by Ebeneezer

Perfect piece, high quality just absolutely Fantastic!!!

(Posted on 2/29/16)

An EXCELLENT ring Review by MarkG

I bought the 00 gauge tribal ring to replace the 0-gauge Monster Screwball I've been wearing for well over a decade. I wanted larger and a bit simpler. The quality of the ring is amazing. I was also pleased to see that it came with TWO Allen wrenches and a spare screw. The Chain Gang thought of everything!

(Posted on 2/24/16)

Tribal Dream Circle Rings PERFECT for my very large nipples Review by Eric

For a male - I have very large nipples requiring a minimum of 7/8" barbell or larger. My nipples are double pierced (horizontally - 4G - and vertically 2G). Captive bead rings have too small of an opening to put in a ring. These Tribal Dream Circle Rings are PERFECT as they are split in half - making insertion quite easy and non-painful. I purchased the 1" in diameter rings... perfect fit, great quality, and looks great!

(Posted on 2/22/16)

Great product nice fit and finish. Review by Sabre

Nice rings. Fast delivery. Great service.

(Posted on 2/20/16)

Without question the most comfortable Review by Tomcat

After spending a lot of money on other jewelry and failing to find what I liked and what was comfortable finally I have to look no further. I wish I found this web site a long time ago. The fit and finish is perfect and it is hands down the most comfortable PA jewelry I have ever worn.

(Posted on 2/18/16)

Perfection! Review by Jack

The 5/8 gauge 1/2" inside is rockin for my PA! Between the sheets my wife asks me to stop for a min. so she can breathe hahaha!!

(Posted on 2/6/16)

Awesome PA Jewelry Review by Kenneth

After reading the reviews I ordered this jewelry for my PA (1/2 inch gauge). I was somewhat hesitant as I find most metal rings too heavy for everyday wear, but that is NOT the case with this ring! I put it in easily and instantly loved the weighted feel of it pulling on my cock. It is amazingly comfortable and after several weeks now, I still have no discomfort. It certainly has my highest recommendation!!!

(Posted on 2/4/16)

Nice Piece Review by Pierced 3X

Received the 1/2" with 5/8" inside diameter
Tribal Ring. OMG what a nice piece. The
weight and quality is number one. I wear it as
a show piece thru my PA to get looks when I
go out. Everyone wants to see it. Can only wear
it for about a week at a time however. Quite
heavy. I exchange it out with my 00 gauge.
Thanks. Would like to see a 000 gauge ring.

(Posted on 2/3/16)

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