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Tribal Dream Circle Ring


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Tribal Dream Circle rings are elegant, sturdy and comfortable. You may use them in many different piercing types. These rings are made in much larger gauges, so they can accommodate stretched piercings.

Tribal Dream Circle Ring

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Tribal Dream Circle Rings are specially designed rings ideal for stretched piercings. They are very similar to Segment Rings, but they are made in much larger gauges. Also, the basic design of a Segment Ring is improved to make these highly-functional Tribal Dream Circle Rings.

The Circle Rings will come apart in two halves, so it’s very easy to open them and insert them into your piercing. Similarly, it’s very easy to take them out. Unlike some Segment Rings that have a very small opening, with Tribal Dream Circle Rings you don’t have to worry: the two halves are easily opened and they make a perfect fit.

Each Tribal Dream Circle Ring is precision drilled so a tiny side fitting set screw nicely locks the two halves together. The screw is located deep into the ring and since it has such a secure fit there will be no more pinching, scratching or binding. The screw will not be seen at all and it won’t bother you in any way.

Also, another advantage of these rings is that there is no risk of losing a ball or a segment in the worst possible time. You don’t even have to use any Ring Opening or Ring Closing pliers for these rings, just a regular Allen wrench. We include 2 of them for you.

Tribal Dream Circle Rings are made of high-quality 316LVM Surgical Steel, just like all of our steel pieces. They are cut out from a single block of Surgical Steel and not from a bent wire. These rings are even patented and protected under patent law, because they are very custom.

Customer Reviews

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Perfection! Review by Jack

The 5/8 gauge 1/2" inside is rockin for my PA! Between the sheets my wife asks me to stop for a min. so she can breathe hahaha!!

(Posted on 2/6/16)

Awesome PA Jewelry Review by Kenneth

After reading the reviews I ordered this jewelry for my PA (1/2 inch gauge). I was somewhat hesitant as I find most metal rings too heavy for everyday wear, but that is NOT the case with this ring! I put it in easily and instantly loved the weighted feel of it pulling on my cock. It is amazingly comfortable and after several weeks now, I still have no discomfort. It certainly has my highest recommendation!!!

(Posted on 2/4/16)

Nice Piece Review by Pierced 3X

Received the 1/2" with 5/8" inside diameter
Tribal Ring. OMG what a nice piece. The
weight and quality is number one. I wear it as
a show piece thru my PA to get looks when I
go out. Everyone wants to see it. Can only wear
it for about a week at a time however. Quite
heavy. I exchange it out with my 00 gauge.
Thanks. Would like to see a 000 gauge ring.

(Posted on 2/3/16)

Very comfortable Review by R

The 0ga 5/8" ring for my PA is extremely comfortable. I barely know it’s there. There is no pinching like I have experienced with CBRs in the past. Fast delivery. If I ever decide to go back to 00ga, it will be with one of these.

(Posted on 2/2/16)

amazing piece Review by cs

This is the the best PA jewelry I own.

(Posted on 1/30/16)

Love this piece Review by MoustacheMan

Super comfortable and great looking. Love the high-polish finish and the fact that it doesn't pinch me the way my previous CBR did.

(Posted on 1/28/16)

good Review by pd

it was a good experience and fast shipping

(Posted on 1/27/16)

good Review by pd

good all the way around .

(Posted on 1/27/16)

Wished It Worked Out Review by EJester

This ring is a great concept. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. The 4ga I ordered wasn't as smooth as I would have liked, and it was generally uncomfortable. I felt the segments and the hole where the screw goes every time it moved regardless of which way it faced. The more I "toughed" it out, the more uncomfortable it was. It may work for others, but it didn't work for me.

(Posted on 1/26/16)

Excellent Review by Rick886

Excellent quality

(Posted on 1/23/16)

0 gage prince albert Review by lilchris

This is the smoothest ring I have ever worn. The recessed set screw works perfectly. Installation is very simple, and the only feeling is from the weight. My partner allowed the ring to stay yesterday for s x, and said the feeling was great.
Thanks for a great product.

(Posted on 1/20/16)

Nice ring BUT... Review by Ken

I received my ring today. The Allen keys that came with it are too small for the screw that came in the ring. And the extra screw that came with it is too small for the ring. So the Allen keys are useless and so is the extra screw. I'm not too pleased.

(Posted on 1/14/16)

wow Review by cal

I have had my 0 gauge Prince Albert for some time now. I just got this tribal ring it is so awesome I may never take it off is that smooth I love the weight. you look awesome. Indeed I am so proud to be apart of the tribe. If you have a Prince Albert you'll want to try this jewelry you never had anything like it 5 stars for sure.

(Posted on 1/10/16)

Impressed!!!! Review by R.D.

Product is of awesome quality! Shipping was remarkably fast! Will definitely use again!

(Posted on 1/8/16)

god for me not her Review by mike

I purchased the 4g x .5 inch ring for my PA. I was skeptical about the seams and the cutout for the screw. This turned out to be the most comfortable jewelry I own. I could feel the seams with my hand but not with my urethra. The problem is that my wife described it as "rough" in her mouth. May have to change it out if I plan on getting lucky.

(Posted on 1/3/16)

Beautiful piece! Review by Rorke

I won't lie, I was a little worried at first. I wondered if there were two screws or just one holding the ring together. I wondered how the seams would match up, how the hole(s) for the screws would feel once I had the ring, and how I would even end up putting the piece of jewelry in! But once I got the piece in I immediately realized it was an amazing investment.

There is only one screw you need to worry about and it comes with a spare and two wrenches just in case. The hole where the screw goes into recedes into the ring so it doesn't rub against anything causing irritation. The seams on the two halves line up perfectly and have smoothe edges so you don't have to worry about any sharp cutting edges while you insert the jewelry and while you wear it.

The ring is a sinch to put in. Simply use the included wrench and turn the screw a few times and it pops out. Once out the ring separates easily. On the opposite side of where the screw goes in it has a post to secure the opposite side in place. Depending on where you intend to put the jewelry could affect how easily it is to insert but I used it as a standard Prince Albert piece and it was amazingly easy to put in.

All in all I truly love this ring. It's simple and doesn't pinch or scrape at all! Even where you put the screw in its carefully smoothed out for the most comfort. A real 5 out of 5 for this one.

(Posted on 12/31/15)

Exceeds all my expectations! Review by MowerGuy4

The TDR was the only Prince Albert jewelry that I had not yet tried. Frankly, I ordered it only because I was notified of a reduced price. But now that I've seen and worn it, I wish I had purchased it many months ago. It is perfect in every respect.

(Posted on 12/30/15)

Excellent product and service Review by Prncabear

This is my second PA ring of this design. This one has a hex wrench instead of the Phillips head screw my previous one had (from another supplier). This has nice weight and finish AND they even supplied an extra screw and 2 wrenches!!!!

(Posted on 12/30/15)

00 gage Review by Chris

Love it! Easy to put on and take off I love how the weight of it feels on my cock I tend to have a semi all the time best purchase ever and this store is awesome

(Posted on 12/25/15)

Wonderful Review by Jordan

I've ordered ALOT of stuff from the chaingang over the past few months. Everything I have purchased I've been happy with. May not be as cheap as buying jewelry at the mall but I've never seen better quality jewelry outside of a jewelry store.

(Posted on 12/25/15)

5 stars Review by Chris

Love it!!!!

(Posted on 12/22/15)

cool Review by No nickname

Shipping took a couple weeks but this thing is awesomely comfortable. 3/8" 2 gauge in P.A.. 20 years of a P.A. and this is the most comfortable I've ever had. Don't even know it's there since it is not too big or heavy and does not pinch like the bead rings.. wish I had ordered a 0 guage as it mics out slightly under size to my other rings. Still love it. Would love to see this in titanium or more 3/8ths size rings. d

(Posted on 12/16/15)

Exactly as expected Review by User

Could not ask for better. Is exactly what i expected when i ordered it.

(Posted on 12/16/15)

Best ring I've used..very comfortable! Review by BigAl

I've usually used the monster ring, but after awhile it would get to be too much. I bought the tribal ring and of course it's lighter and I don't have to worry about it pinching me...ever. Most comfortable piece I've worn to date.

(Posted on 12/9/15)

T.d.r Review by Pa

Great quality as usual highly recommend 00gauge

(Posted on 12/1/15)

Excellent/Erotic Review by Matthew

A somewhat complicated piece because it has moving parts...but very well done. This piece can be inserted in a place where there can be ZERO chance of it coming off the body or loosening at the wrong time.....

The workmanship and metal is great but, it is critical that the meeting of the two semicircles is 100% flush to prevent accumulation of deposits. In working with a number of these rings over several years I have noticed that that is not always the case with some small deviation of contact surfaces where the rings conjoin....

(Posted on 12/1/15)

Nice, but... Review by Terry

Sometimes it feels like it is cutting when the rings spins on the 2 sides where it comes together. Ring looks super nice and high quality. I just like to go between this ring and my screw on ball ring, also from The Chain Gang!

(Posted on 11/15/15)

It's OK Review by ultramikey

It was much lighter than I expected it to be. Kind of disappointed. My 2G is heavier.

(Posted on 11/11/15)

Excellent Review by greg

These rings are, to my knowledge, unique.

They display superb quality and fine workmanship.

(Posted on 11/3/15)

Good quality. guage too large for me Review by Davido

I was wishful thinking when I ordered 1 guage. Thought it would work since I can easily handle a 2 guage PA. Purrrr.

(Posted on 10/30/15)

Really liked the feel and weight Review by Creed

The open eyelet where the screw fits was rough on the edges made it uncomfortable

(Posted on 10/29/15)

Tribal Dream Ring Review by Commiefloyd

This is my second Tribal Dream Ring the first was from another supplier but this ring is by far a more superior quality ring, the screws are an ideal size and with a allen key is excellent also the extra screw and two allen keys adds to the final touch of class, Great work to all involved. The ring feels fantastic in nice and heavy and easy to wear.

(Posted on 10/19/15)

Excellent Product and Service! Review by doulos1957

I live in the UK. I have purchased products from local manufacturers. I had been trying to source larger rings for my PA when, through a Tumblr blog, I discovered TheChainGang.
This is exactly one of the four products that I have been searching for. It has also been manufactured to the highest specifications.
I am delighted with the product and service.
Hugh / doulos1957

(Posted on 8/25/15)

amazing piece Review by Patrick

i ordered a 0 gauge 5.8 and i just love it .so easy to put on perfect piece of jewlery , super secure , speedy delivery , can not ask for more

(Posted on 8/14/15)

quality work as always Review by Cale

You can always trust that you will get quality products.

(Posted on 8/12/15)

Great Ring Review by LA

I purchased the 00 gauge, 1 inch ring. Really love the weight and have gotten many compliments on the look. Ring is well-made* and sturdy. Feels great on. It was such a nice surprise that the ring comes with an extra screw and allen wrench. That is a real plus. I wish I knew the exact weight. I do not own a micro-scale to weigh it here at home. I recommend the Chain Gang website include the weight numbers for these larger rings in the pull down menus when choosing gauge and size. *Only problem noted is my ring has a rough spot near the opening for the attachment screw. I may exchange it for a replacement.but don't want to be without it and mess with shipping.

(Posted on 8/12/15)

great ring Review by chris

Great ring, 00gauge has good weight and smooth during sex. No break means no pinching.

(Posted on 8/11/15)

Quality fit and finish Review by Young88

Purchase a similar ring from another sight and was very disappointed. However this one is superbly finished and it fits together seamlessly, very happy with purchase

(Posted on 8/11/15)

A high quality product Review by Chasman

The item was shipped promptly. It is very well made. I have ordered other sizes of this item and have never been disappointed.

(Posted on 8/6/15)

love it Review by 4mistress2own

I just got it it in I love it the wight feels amazing

(Posted on 7/31/15)



(Posted on 7/19/15)

Good quality and service Review by Uncle Frank

Everything expected and then some.

(Posted on 7/2/15)

great! Review by JD

Most comfortable that I have worn (PA)

(Posted on 7/1/15)

Right Size Review by Henry

I needed jewelry between 2 gauge and 0 gauge, and this is, as far as I can tell, the only American site with 1 gauge items. Makes it a no-brainier for those of us who enjoy wearing large but not-too-large jewelry.

(Posted on 6/20/15)

awesome jewelry Review by cale


(Posted on 6/11/15)

Very comfortable! Review by Jack

I wear this ring in a piercing of my foreskine and it is the most comfortable ring I have found. I ordered 2 more to add to the piercing.
Thank you for a great product.

(Posted on 6/11/15)

so goog Review by dave

i like thim

(Posted on 6/7/15)

awesome Review by spinnguy

This is just what I've been looking for. No more getting stuck. Top quality jewlery.

(Posted on 5/26/15)

Amazing Review by Odium

Ordered on Friday, delivered on Wednesday. Florida to Colorado.
Some questions I had that happily got answered when I got the jewelry today!
1st there is only one screw hole the other end is a solid nipple the slides directly into the other half, Brillant!!
2nd the screw is not some small easy to lose eyeglass screw but a solid easy to handle, quality screw.
3rd the sizes are EXACT!! I ordered the 1/2" gauge by 3/4" INNER diameter and it is dead on.
Overall a amazing price of art. Most shops do not have anything larger than 00g and it is rare to find larger gauges on the internet. This can not be compared to anything else I have bought on the internet or seen at any shop. The price is amazing for the quality you get with this item. The service you get is outstanding. I received an email update for each step of the process on their end. I usually don't write reviews but because of the communication they had with me I felt this was necessary. Bravo Chain Gang Bravo!!!

(Posted on 5/21/15)

NICE! Review by kodiakranger

I order the 0G 1/2 inch ring for my PA. It arrived in three days and looks great. It feels fantastic when wore with dress pants. Now need to order the 0G 3/4 inch for use under my kilt!

(Posted on 5/16/15)

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