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Bullet Ball Stretcher Weight


Quick Overview

The Bullet Ball Stretcher Weight is a one of a kind design that will fulfill all your stretching needs! Available in a variety of sizes to get the perfect fit.

Here is a link on how to measure the size you need;
How To Measure

& if you do order the wrong size, It is No Problem at all, we will exchange them for you for 30 days for Free.

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Bullet Ball Stretcher Weight

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Get the Bullet Ball Stretcher Weight and get started with the amazing feeling that comes with it. Awesome for stretching as well as being very comfortable!

It's tapered design makes this weight different from the rest, while maintaining the same round inner diameter, the weight actually tapers and hangs like a bell.

Made out of 316L Surgical Steel with a mirror finish, these weights are not only beautiful, but also easy to clean. And with the added medical benefits you just can't go wrong!

If you are unsure of the size use the measuring instructions at the top of this page;

If You Order the wrong size?
No problem, we will exchange them for 30 days if they do not fit.

Yes you can try them on, not a problem, we autoclave them all.

Height   Inside Diameter Approximate Weight
30 mm X 26 mm 12.7 ounces
30 mm X 28 mm 13.1 ounces
30 mm X 30 mm 13.7 ounces
30 mm X 32 mm 14.4 ounces
30 mm X 34 mm 15.1 ounces
30 mm X 36 mm 15.5ounces
30 mm X 38 mm 1 Pound
30 mm X 40 mm 1 Pound .8 ounces
40 mm X 26 mm 1 Pound  .09 ounces
40 mm X 28 mm 1 Pound  1.8 ounces
40 mm X 30 mm 1 Pound  2.3 ounces
40 mm X 32 mm 1 Pound  2.5 ounces
40 mm X 34 mm 1 Pound  4.2 ounces
40 mm X 36 mm 1 Pound  4.8 ounces
40 mm X 38 mm 1 Pound  5.7  ounces
40 mm X 40 mm 1 Pound  6.8 ounces
50 mm X 26 mm 1 Pound 5 ounces
50 mm X 28 mm 1 Pound 6 ounces
50 mm X 30 mm 1 Pound 7 ounces
50 mm X 32 mm 1 Pound 8 ounces
50 mm X 34 mm 1 Pound 9.2 ounces
50 mm X 36 mm 1 Pound 10 ounces
50 mm X 38 mm 1 Pound 11.3 ounces
50 mm X 40 mm 1 Pound 12.2 ounces
60 mm X 26 mm 1 Pound 10.3 ounces
60 mm X 28 mm 1 Pound 11.9 ounces
60 mm X 30 mm 1 Pound 13.3 ounces
60 mm X 32 mm 1 Pound 13.9 ounces
60 mm X 34 mm 1 Pound 15.9 ounces
60 mm X 36 mm 2 Pound .5 ounces
60 mm X 38 mm 2 Pound 1.8 ounces
60 mm X 40 mm 2 Pound 3.2 ounces
70 mm X 26 mm 1 Pound 14.5 ounces
70 mm X 28 mm 2 Pound .1 ounces
70 mm X 30 mm 2 Pound 1.5 ounces
70 mm X 32 mm 2 Pound 3.4 ounces
70 mm X 34 mm 2 Pound 4.1 ounces
70 mm X 36 mm 2 Pound 5.9 ounces
70 mm X 38 mm 2 Pound 6.6 ounces
70 mm X 40 mm 2 Pound 9.2 ounces












































Orders Outside the USA may incur additional shipping charges due to the weight of some of the sizes. If you need to know before ordering just email your country and the items you would like to order and we will be happy to tell you if there is any additional shipping.

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Product Questions

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How do I choose the size I need. Looking for a first time user
are there any threaded fasting points for eyelets for added weight or tie ropes to
How to exchange an item?
how do you put this product on
What size is the Allen key to these weights ??
And can I order some?
I think I’ve lost mine
I am looking at the bullet shaped ball weight. I am a testicular cancer survivor and I only have one remaining testicle. Do I need to do different measuring to make sure I get the correct inside diameter? Also is the a way to measure to see what height of a weight you need? I was looking at the 40 mm tall with an inside diameter of 32mm. Thank you for the help

Customer Reviews

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Profound Product Review by jhnyQ59

After years of wearing various types of weights I bit the bullet, by buying the Bullet. Was a bit discouraged in thinking of the years wasted from pondering the purchase of the Bullet Ball Stretcher Weight, especially after putting it on.....words cannot express the comfort, weight & feeling this product leaves you with.....Kudos to the one who brought this product to fruition....I purchased the 50mm x 40mm and cannot wait until I'm able to wear an even heavier bullet......Thanks to the Chain Gang, the boys are not only feeling the "WEIGHT" of your product but are feeling "FANTASTIC" as well.

(Posted on 12/8/18)

Great Design and Feel Review by Bigger Balls

This is probably my favorite stretcher @ 40x40mm, as it looks really cool and my wife loves the feel of it banging against her. While not possible to put on without the wrench, it really pushes the boys down low and fits well between the thighs.

(Posted on 9/30/18)

Comfortable and quality Review by Bill

Very nice and makes sex feel so good! I cum deep and the wife loves the ballstrecher banging her ass!

(Posted on 9/7/18)

24/7 Review by Gary

Love the design and feeling, started with the 30 went to 40 now wearing a 50 can hardly wait to get a 70 on,not quite there yet. By far the best product ever.

(Posted on 9/4/18)

Works Like A Charm Review by Down 2 my Knees

I have purchased many different styles and sizes of weights and they all FAIL TOTALLY.... Uncomfortable,bulky,cheap crap,on and on..... This is my second Bell shaped one and no lie,they are the 'BOMB'. Absolutely PERFECT!!!! I can wear my 50mmx32mm all day and it just keeps feeling better all the time.... I am now wearing a 70mmx34mm and its comfortable and very discrete. The 'TUG,PULL,HANG'or whatever you call it is GENEROUS,AWESOME,SEXY as fuck,and looks GORGEOUS..... No shit GUYS,the wimmins get wet just wanting to caress the BOYS!!! Dont wast your money on JUNK .... Happily HANGIN with a TUG....

(Posted on 8/28/18)

CBT v TSA Review by HeavyMetalCBT

LOVE my 70mm bullet ballweight / “scrotum stretcher”. (The cbt sensation stimulation is on the balls, butt clearly it’s only the sack that stretches, so the terminology is flexible). WE NEED A 90mm and a 120mm bullet weight for the vets among us. LOVE it so much I’ve decided I’m not taking it off when I travel; so, for those who hate or like the tsa, why not just give yourself a little extra time and set off all the (silent) alarms and let TSA earn their keep? Why hide our gear, when many of us are thrilled to show them off? .... Eventually, tsa will be so accustomed to ball weights and cbt gear that they just make an exception, butt until then why not enjoy exposing the male handlers to a new experience? Why should we let tsa kill our joy when they can be a part of it?! Be bold; it’s a thrill.

(Posted on 8/9/18)

Wow Review by Poibear

I thought that this would be hard to get on and it wasn't. As I felt the weight of it for the first time i got a tingle down my spine. I love it and feel naked not wearing it, Now i cant wait until i can get the next size up

(Posted on 6/3/18)

Excellent product Review by scout

This is my 4th ball stretcher, this time 60x40. I was a little hesitant to order this large but soooooooooo glad I did. I have gradually increased the length and added weight and these feel amazing. Love, love the feeling of my balls swinging with the nice stretcher on. Would recommend for sure.

(Posted on 5/30/18)

What a glorious feeling Review by Randy

This is my second Bullet Ball stretcher. As soon as I received it I stacked it on top over my other. I let it swing the rest of the day (I'm a nudist) to the utter delight of my balls. The stimulation down under was such an added benefit I celebrated with a bit of personal attention to my member. It rewarded me as well. Don't hesitate get one of these weights. As I hang closer to my goal, I plan on getting a longer one.

(Posted on 5/23/18)

Quality Review by elvcar

Excelent piece, the 40x32, great feeling.

Only the screew maybe is a bit small for the piece size.

(Posted on 5/21/18)

EXCELLENT Review by Dick

Very hard not to grab my cock and go at it.Love the feeling.Every thing I have purchased from Chain Gang #10 Best .

(Posted on 5/18/18)

Sweet Review by Randy

It took a bit to figure out how to put this baby on but, oh when I did it was well worth the minor hassle. The fit is perfect and the tug is oh so sweet. Just enough to stimulate all the senses down under. I look forward to stacking more weights on top to reach my goals. Another hit CG, keep up the great product selections.

(Posted on 5/8/18)

Impressive 30mm x 38mm - Beginner’s experience Review by JayDub

After using a silicone ball stretching ring for a while, I decided to step up to the weighted rings. I did a fair amount of research on the various shapes and closure mechanisms available and settled on the bullet for a couple reasons. 1. Shape. It is probably a little wider at the base but the taper seemed like it would let everything more or less stay where it’s supposed to rather that an odd angle or bulge. The exception from staying put, of course, would be the balls. 2. The closure system Seemed to be one of the more simple systems. Magnets tended to scare me off for fear of pinching and inadvertent dislodgement.
I measured myself more times than I can count. The height was pretty straightforward as the silicone stretcher gave me a good idea of The new ring height. I strongly recommend multiple measurements over several days to get a good idea on your dimensions. My concerns with the inside diameter was to get a size large enough to stuff in all my junk yet small enough to avoid one ball sneaking out and having a one pound chunk of metal hit the ground between my feet at a very inopportune time. The ball stretcher arrived well before the predicted date and very discrete as noted in a couple of other reviews (Thanks TCG!). My first impression as someone new to serious ball stretching was “WOW!” The ring was so much larger than I envisioned. The ID (inside diameter) looked particularly large. I was foolishly concerned it would slip right off. Ha Ha Ha! It took a good 10+ minutes to get it on. I used a wide shoelace as suggested by some to draw tight my sack while I monkeyed with stuffing everything into the ring. Beginner tip: warm up your sack first so it’s pliable and thin. I checked in about 20 minutes in to discover I hadn’t tightened the screw quite enough and the ring stared to separate. A couple turns of the screw and all is well.
I love the weight and look of my balls getting worked. I’m not sure if updates to reviews are accepted, but I’ll try to update in a few months. I plan to wear this bad boy at every opportunity.

(Posted on 5/5/18)

Wow, just wow Review by Seth

I have been using donut shaped ball stretches for a while and really loved them except for a pinch or two when stacking them. I decided to give the 50mmX40mm a try. It was ANAZING. I love it.

(Posted on 4/5/18)

Best Design Review by pprings

Shape is perfect and the weight is a lot more than I expected for it's size. That is a good thing. Very dense as well as a perfect fit and finish. Like the split halves and the fact that it screws together so well. Prefer to open and put on that way as it takes less time. Can be done with out pinching skin in the gap as you tighten the closing screw.

(Posted on 4/2/18)

Favorite ball stretcher Review by Brake

Love it. Previously purchased 30mm and 50mm tall and discovered I needed one in the middle to work my way from 30 to 50. By now I'm used to the left-side screw and don't consider that a drawback at all. Love the shape. I can go about daily business wearing it and find it very comfortable, though it does push the package into a bit more forward prominence, but only to a degree that I am okay with.

(Posted on 3/18/18)

positive Review by salty

Very very very comfortable. Couldn't be happier. Buy one!!!!!!

(Posted on 7/5/16)

GREAT Review by salty

Very comfortable. Use the 40mm x 36mm 24/7. About ready to get a 50mm x 36mm.

(Posted on 6/13/16)

Great. Just love it.. Review by Prowler

Reading the reviews this sounded Great, so I bought one to try . Already have a few donut weights and they are good to wear but the bullet strecher is a lot harder to put on . The feeling when on is super, just love the weight.very comfy to wear, my wife just loves the feeling . Super product great fit, great price, Great service thanks

(Posted on 6/11/16)

Awesome ring Review by Kiko

Received on the mail today my oval ring. Incredible good! Love it! I also have to say thank you for the return policy you guys handle this very well quick processing and received the right size.LOVE IT!!!!!

(Posted on 6/10/16)

Comfortable, but..... Review by Terry

The but is because it fell off! LOL i wore it a day and a half, fell off while i was out & about. At home i put it back on, but upside down. I'll see how that works. Is there one with a narrower inside diameter.. i got the 30 x 38 mm.

(Posted on 6/1/16)

Awesomee ball stretcher. Review by Brett

I lovee these bullet weights. They fit the contours of the body much better then the donut weights. I have the 40x36 and i will be buying larger bullet weights soon.

(Posted on 5/28/16)

Feel the pull! Review by Joe

This is not my first ball weight, have been enjoying this one from the first time I put it on. Got the 50mmx32mm which makes it almost twice as tall as the other one. Have had little trouble getting this on, not that I give my balls a choice :) . Like the smooth finish both inside tube and outside. Have been wearing for much of the day. We'll when its time to double up or add another weight to the collection. Get one for your balls.

(Posted on 5/26/16)

Great Feeling Review by Tom

The bullet ball stretcher is so comfortable. I wear a 40mm donut with a 20mm round and just added the 40mm bullet for 100mm stretch. I wear 24/7 and remove only to clean. The feeling of having this much stretch and weight hanging off my balls is awesome. This is truly addictive but it is a good type of addiction. My balls have grown in size and when I don't have the weight on my balls the amount of stretch I have is mind blowing.

(Posted on 5/18/16)

Houston, we have no problem... Review by Aspidistra

The shape and size reminded me of the Apollo command module, the weight is fantastic! Love the feel of this massive piece of stainless.

(Posted on 5/17/16)

Excellent A+ Review by Helpper9

Great customer service, fast shipping. Item is as described.

(Posted on 5/17/16)

Suggested improvement Review by 2004

This is my second ball stretcher purchase, a donut and bullet. Their quality is excellent, but would be much improved if the threads were deeper and the screw longer.

(Posted on 5/15/16)

Great design Review by onceafarmboy

I have used several types over the years and this is by far the most comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I have the 70x40 but wish that you made an even larger size in length and weight.

(Posted on 5/15/16)

Finest piece of stretching equipment yet Review by Teptwo

OUTSTANDING piece of equipment! The quality of the machining and attention to detail can't be overstated. It fit perfectly and my only regret is not having ordered additional sizes when I got this one. I have several stretching weights of several different varieties, from two piece split ring stainless to a "donut" oval weight I purchased here. Each has their drawback and issue but this one is by far my favorite with no complaints thus far. I especially appreciate that it doesn't cause my penis to jut or look more pronounced as some of my other weights do. Very comfortable to wear and very discreet as well, both of which make it my favorite stretcher weight yet. I will most certainly be ordering more of this style in heavier weights and am looking forward to seeing what the fine folks at The ChainGang come up with next!

Thanks very much, you guys knocked it out of the park with this one!!

(Posted on 4/29/16)

Bullet Ball Stretcher is GREAT. So is the quality and Chain Gang's service. Review by tjonr

Purchased the 50 x 40 Bullet Ball Stretcher 04/06/16. I was using three expensive high quality 15mm donut weights stacked. The Bullet's quality matches those. Those three donut weights made my package pretty obvious in jeans. The Bullet's contour fits beautifully between my legs. Especially going commando, it now looks like I just have a nice, natural looking impressive package. AND the Bullet is much more comfortable than the three stacked 15mm donuts. Since the interior diameter is constant, there are no three distinct pressure points. NICE! The Chain Gang could not have been more courteous or prompt. The staff answered my initial email question the same day. I'm looking forward to the 70 x 40 Bullet!

(Posted on 4/29/16)

Best ball stretcher EVER. My boys are happy. 70mm high 30mm inside diameter Review by Jimmy

I got this product on April 16, 2016. I've been stretching my balls for about two years with OX Balls ball stretchers. These may have been a great beginning. All my previous stretchers were made of pure silicone with a stretch to them. However none of the oxbow toys are designed or weighted to give a constant tug on your balls. The BULLET IS SIMPLY THE BEST. this is my first metal weighted ball stretcher and I got lucky by ordering the perfect size the first time. I haven't taken this thing off since I got it. It is about 2 3/4 high and the design rest on your balls perfectly with a constant tug. Feels so good, just incredible. Went to the naked gay/straight beach w it on today. Half a dozen people asked me where I got it I told them THE CHAIN GANG an online company cheers to you folks. The other folks at the beach give me a few odd looks but my boys were so happy didn't matter. I think I can stack anther 70mm already. My boys will love the added weight. Thank You Jim

(Posted on 4/17/16)

A+ Comfort Review by Ball Puller

I ordered a 40×36mm. I've been wearing it every night to bed for the last two weeks and finding it very comfortable. I love the feeling of the constant gentle tug!

(Posted on 4/16/16)

Great product! Super quality. Review by Bob

Great product-very pleased-good quality! Highly recommend this product.

(Posted on 4/10/16)

Great piece Review by BC

Beats the hell out of amateur-hour stretching with shackles. Comfortable and well designed. The only limitation is your skin and junk.

(Posted on 4/9/16)

BEST DESIGN EVER Review by Vxcguy

I have been ball stretching for a long time and have used a bunch of stretchers out there and I gotta tell you NO BS this design and quality are the best I have ever used. I have easily $1000-$1500 in stretchers and this blows them ALL AWAY. You HAVE to get this style if your even slightly into it, you won't regret it or want to take it off. I now sleep with it on its THAT GOOD A+++++

(Posted on 4/1/16)

Great weight Review by indydick

The shape is comfortable and doesn't dig. Wear it for long periods of time.

(Posted on 3/29/16)

The bullet ball weight is the best and far above the rest. I have used several, and this is awesome! This bullet is my second bullet and most weight I've used to date. I enjoy how it feels all day, and how it rests and presses atop and against my balls Review by Terry


(Posted on 3/26/16)

very comfortable Review by oldude

i wear a 70X32mm all day long. Is it possible to get a 100mmX32mm?

Not yet but we have the 90 and 120 in the 2 piece ball stretcher style.

(Posted on 3/24/16)

never disappointed Review by lwhngrsofamerica

This is my second weight and style I love the quality don't worry about a thing and the return policy is great. I'm disappointed in results wear it constantly not seeing much improvement, If anything else I enjoy the feeling. I will not buy from anywhere else

(Posted on 3/5/16)

Nice... very nice. Review by Fred

This was my choice as the next step up, going from 8oz to 12. I went by the reviews of others and I am extremely pleased with this item. The fit for me was perfect and I wear mine 24/7.
Its been 2 weeks so far, and I have no issues and recommend this shape as its more contoured and very comfortable.

(Posted on 2/24/16)

Awesome weight Review by Valley Man

After 9 years using other type weights, I finally broke down and ordered the bullet. Awesome is the only word I can find to describe the look, fit & feel of this 60x40 weight. I put it on when it arrived and it is still on 2 days later. Never could leave the other types on for more than 12-14 hours, without a break. Thank you Chain Gang for producing a product that works

(Posted on 2/13/16)

Best Ball Stretcher Review by MarkS209

This is my third steel ball stretcher I own.....and hands down the best design so far! The first two were the donut ball stretcher, 30 x 32 and 40 X 34 respectively. Very comfortable, however, was intrigued by this bullet ball stretcher shape and all previous reviews.

So I decided to give it a try, starting with the 30 X 34. As comfortable as the donut is, they do not hold a candle to the bullet! I wear this one daily, putting it on first thing in the morning and removing it at bedtime. There is rarely a day without it and have been now wearing one for over two years.

I have found the shape really made the difference in comfort, as it seems to fit better and more smoothly between the legs. However, more importantly is how it allows the penis to hang at a more natural angle without "pushing it out". It is also very easy to put on each morning.

Overall the quality is everything I have come to expect from The Chain Gang. It is top quality stainless steel polished to a mirror finish.

I have tried stacking by placing the 30 X 32 donut below the bullet for an even greater pull. Works well in combination. Most likely will not be long before I move up to the 50 X 34 bullet ball stretcher.

(Posted on 2/13/16)

nice Review by gege

Well made, rest well on the sac' more confortable than classic cylindrical models

(Posted on 1/27/16)

Extremely Comfortable Review by Lee

I received the Bullet Ball Stretcher a couple of weeks ago and I have only had it off twice. It is extremely comfortable even wearing under clothing. It is by far one of the best fitting and most comfortable ball stretchers I have owned. I would definitely recommend this particular model. You will not regret it!

(Posted on 1/26/16)

more addictive than crack Review by nutstretcher

A couple years ago I bought a 30mmx40mm two piece stretcher. My balls would slip through unless I put a 'liner' between my nuts and the stretcher. A little over a year ago I bought a 20mm x 38mm donut stretcher to add weight and to help eliminate the liner. This worked well. Also tried bands, other metal rings and the oxballs bent. Then TCG introduced the bullet weight. I bought a 30mm x 38mm about 10 months ago and man did it feel great. FInally went ahead and ordered a 50mmx38mm. Surprisingly I had the hardest time getting it on and when I finally did it wasn't comfortable. I asked for an exchange and TCG quickly replaced the 38mm for a 40mm. I should have gone ahead and gotten the 70mm x 40mm cuz I know I'm going to end up with one. Others have said it and I'll repeat it, you'll want to wear it ALL the time. When I take it off I'm already thinking about the next opportunity to put it back on. My wife doesn't know I have it. So far I can fuck her with bands on my balls but no weights. She knows I like my balls handled and will pull on them when I am getting her from behind. Really looking forward to the time she'll let me slap stainless against her clit. Any more if I'm awake (and sometimes when I'm asleep) I have either a steel weight from TCG on or one of my oxballs toys. Many times I'll have both on.

(Posted on 12/28/15)

5 Stars Review by Snickers

This bullet is terrific, it is smooth all around which provides excellent comfort! Seriously feels like was meant to be worn all the time. Love how the weight feels, and love how it makes sex feel! Excellent product! I bought the 30mmx36mm its perfect!

(Posted on 12/23/15)

Wow! Review by Lucas

I've had my 50x36 for less than 24 hours and it is by far the best ball weight I've ever owned (I've used cylinders, donuts, ovals, and rounds). It is extremely comfortable, well made, and the tapered shape allows for a better dick hang and fit between one's thighs. Really looking forward to running with it on. If you could get only one ball weight, this would definitely be the one!

(Posted on 12/19/15)

Awesome service, Awesome fit Review by EOS

The fist one I ordered did not fit, I filled out the RMA (Very easy) and reordered and the new one was delivered. It fits great, I love it.

(Posted on 12/8/15)

This is great product Review by Gaurav

This is great product..i refer this product

(Posted on 11/25/15)

The Bullet Weight is Brilliant Review by HeavyMetalCBTBater

I like my donut, oval, and standard 30, 40 and 90mm ball weights, butt someone clearly did their research surveys and homework on the bullet weight (aside from the very odd left side location of the screw). Super comfortable. Better design for several days of wear (though washing theBoys thoroughly is essential for those of us who also enjoy having them licked and sucked (and slapped).

Please, Dear Santa/Russ, a 3lb or 4lb 90mm Bullet Weight would be a great holiday item; though it wood pull down the xmas tree, it wood bring so many such incredible joy.

Wish more men would post photos online of their success, progress and pleasure with these. Mr "ILikeToShow" on Tumblr is my new ball weight hero; new updates almost every couple of weeks; he clearly loves his various heavy ballweights and wants the entire world to know it. If I were Russ at TCG, I'd reach out to see if some branding options might be available in exchange for free/discount gear, so more folks know where to buy the weights! Mr ILTS doesn't seem to own a bullet weight yet...!

(Posted on 11/24/15)

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