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Boa Constrictor Penis Plug & G Ring


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Boa Constrictor Penis Plug & G Ring is a powerful sex toy made for the ultimate “squeeze”! It will snug perfectly and provide the most intense and enjoyable stimulation imaginable. It includes 3 constricting rings that fit snugly under the head of the penis for a better snug and additional stimulation.

Boa Constrictor Penis Plug & G Ring

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Boa Constrictor Penis Plug & G Ring is a premium penis toy made for intense urethral stimulation. This penis plug is specially designed to ensure the best snug. Experience the ultimate “squeeze” with this powerful penis plug that will make you cum in no time.

The plug is made of high-quality Surgical Steel so it’s body-friendly, safe and durable. It offers about 2 1/2” of insertable length. The toy starts at 6mm and goes up to 8mm at the widest point.

It includes 3 constricting ring that are about 1 1/4” in diameter. The rings are made to fit snugly under the head of the penis for additional stimulation.

This is an excellent penis plug that will keep you cumming for more!

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Customer Reviews

What A Feeling Review by old dude

The Boa Constrictor Penis Plug & G Ring is sooooo much fun. It puts the squeeze on and makes for a fun time, whether playing or wearing out and about. It does cramp things alittle driving, but it is perfect.

(Posted on 8/1/18)

Friendly Review by C

This is the first time I have purchased a penis plug, as opposed to a sound, of which I have many, all from Chain Gang.

So the plug is a new experience and I find it to be as the summary says, friendly. It is well constructed, with a good finish and attention to detail, like the cap placed on the end of the winding instead of leaving raw metal. Typical Chain Gang excellent quality as always.

This being my first plug, I can only say the sensation while wearing it, which I am as I write this, is sort of a pleasant constant presence as opposed to the more aggressive feeling one gets from a sound. So far, so fair. I just leaned into the keyboard and got a totally different sensation. Nice! I might try wearing it out and about tomorrow. I think this is going to be fun.
Thanks Russ. Great stuff as always.

(Posted on 10/2/15)

Great quality Review by Dave

Ring size is good when flaccid but is hard to get on when you start to get erection.

Finish is perfect and little detail on scroll termination very nice. Like little snake head
I just started using plugs but this just drops in and feels nice . I probably need a size 10 but quality is very high .

Had it in today when I was getting my Brazilian wax and my waxer loved it. I never told her it was a plug and not real piercing. Buy it and wear it around as body jewelry.

Buy it and

(Posted on 3/6/15)

Nice product but concerned about the ring Review by Brian

I am a first time user of a penis plug. I purchased this because it looks like it would be fun to use. The tip inserts easily under its own weight with some lube applied and I have inserted it up to the ring. However I am concerned about the small diameter of the ring, only 1.25 inches. If i slip it over the head of my penis when I am flacid and then get an erection, I am afraid I will not be able to remove it since I measure almost 2 inches diameter when I am hard!
Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

Management: The ring is captive, so you can pop it off it is not soldered on, you can bend it off if you needed to, which at 2" you probably would need to.
You can also purchase another captive Glans Ring better for your sizing here but even then we only go to an inside diameter of 1-1/2".

(Posted on 8/24/14)

Excellent design Review by Kenneth

I liked the look of this and so decided to try it. Sometimes that works out well; sometimes not. This time, all was well.

I had to take a chance blind because there is not much objective information in the product description for this guy. I'll try to fix that now.

This is made from a single length of10 gauge polished round stock (10 being my educated guess) and is wrapped into a triple loop of one and a quarter inch inside diameter. The "arm" length outward is one and a half inches long. A 180 degree bend of small radius takes the stock through loop center and is finished by a tapered "knob". The knob has a maximum diameter of 7 mm (another good guess, without calipers.)

Unlike the product image, the start of the coil is NOT unfinished. The piece I received was finished by an end cap. An important detail if you'd like to actually use this item- I wonder when that patch to fix this bug was introduced?

Note the loop is a full one and a quarter, not one eighth or an even one inch. As I wear this now, I'm happy with the diameter. It is not too loose. The triple wrap is the reason. I normally use a one inch glans ring, or it'll pop off. This guy digs in and holds on at one and a quarter inch. If the whole wrap were one inch I.D., God help you, that really would be quite a "squeeze!" This can be worn for quite a while, tucked under the foreskin, without the sulcus getting sore.

The arm does not penetrate deeply enough to be a problem for anybody, even a rather extreme grower. The insertable knob diameter is similarly situated. This should be continuously wearable for at least a couple of days. The area under the ring will get a bit sore eventually, but you'll be bored with it for now by then anyway.

In contrast to most one armed ring-and-plug designs by the Gang, this one does have a long enough arm going outward to fit most men. The piece I received did have a problem that required adjustment. The insertable portion was at an angle to loop center, which dug in painfully. A pair of pliers made the tip radius bend more severe, and a touch-up with a Dremel removed the tiny nicks in the finish. The larger loop I.D. makes applying this piece very easy.

I put a charm on the tip bend, like I usually do with pieces comfortable enough to wear longer term, to tart things up a bit.

How does this item FEEL? Well, there isn't much overt erotic sensation. But there are the usual reasons to buy and wear it anyway. It's stable and comfortable enough to use anytime, which in public, has its own special quality.

(Posted on 6/27/14)

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