Blow Pop Penis Plug with Ring

Blow Pop Penis Plug with Ring is a sensual urethral toy you will love to use. It has a head in the shape of a blow pop. The smooth and sleek design makes it into a very elegant toy. This plug comes in a very comfortable size so it’s suitable for long-term wear.

Blow Pop Penis Plug with Ring is a specially designed urethral toy made for pleasure. The head of this plug looks just like a blow pop. How many licks does it take to hit your sweet spot?

This plug is specially designed for long-term wear. The stick is ¼” at the widest point. From top to bottom this plug is 2 ¼” long but the stick itself is 1 ¾:” before the ball on top, which is 5/8” in diameter.

The plug has a thru hole in the middle, so all the fluids can pass freely.

This plug also includes a glans ring 1 1/8” in diameter made for additional stimulation.

The plug is made of high-quality Surgical Steel so it’s body-friendly, safe and comfortable. A great urethral toy made for comfort and enjoyment!

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