Are There Women Who Support Penis Sounding?

Penis sounding is a great activity that many men enjoy to the fullest. This is often a solo thing men do. Urethral play is a great way to masturbate so it’s not surprising that many guys use this routine for masturbation. In this sense, women are often missing from urethral play. It is therefore not surprising that many men wonder if their female partners would like to join them in penis urethral stimulation. Are there women who support penis sounding?

Women Penis SoundingThe good news is that yes, there are many women who support penis sounding and urethral play in general. For many of them, it is a highly-arousing activity. There are also many women who enjoy urethral stimulation themselves. While this type of sexual activity is still somewhat unknown by the general population, it is sure popular with many people. In short, you will sure be able to find women who like urethral play as much as you do.

Women Who Support Penis Sounding: Fetish Play

There are many women who support penis sounding as an activity. Not only that: these women enjoy fetish play involving urethral stimulation. As you probably know, urethral play is not only for masturbation, it can also be an exciting activity for a couple. There are many women who like to insert toys into their man’s penis and perform sounding.

Some of these women have a fetish for medical play and other forms of BDSM. In this community, there are many women who perform penis sounding on men as part of the kink. This can be a great dominance and submission play or urethral stimulation can be incorporated in a different type of a kink game. Whatever the reason might be, it is important to know that there are many women with this particular fetish who would love to perform urethral sounding on a man.

This is particularly true for woman and couples who like medical play. Since urethral sounds are modeled after real instruments that doctors use to perform examinations, these sex toys can be incorporated in a medical fetish routine. There are many couples who like to explore this side of medical play. Penis sounding is a great activity for those with a medical fetish.

Penis Sounding for Couples

Even if you are not into medical fetish or another form of a kink, keep in mind that you can still enjoy penis sounding with your partner. You don’t have to be part of the BDSM community to try this sexual play. As long as you feel comfortable about sounding and as long as you want to try it with your male partner, it’s okay. There are many women who like to explore their sexuality and to perform urethral stimulation on their man.

If you are a man looking for a woman who likes penis sounding, keep in mind that you will be able to find such a person. There are more women who support penis sounding than you might think. You may even suggest this to your current partner and see if she wants to try it. You might be pleasantly surprised! However, keep in mind that you should never push your partner into doing anything she is not comfortable with.

There are many couples who prefer the so-called “vanilla” activities while still enjoying penis sounding from time to time. Urethral play can be a great way to connect with your partner. It’s not surprising that many couples like to engage in this activity. There are many women who’d be willing to sound their partner. Don’t just assume that no woman likes this activity.

Women Who Like Urethral Sounding

There are also many women who like urethral sounding for themselves. Women, too, can and do enjoy urethral play. While female urethra is shorter, it is possible to insert and use urethral toys. Many women highly enjoy this type of sexual stimulation. Don’t assume that you are the only one who might like this activity. Who knows, maybe you will be able to enjoy mutual urethral sounding with your female partner.

If you choose to go this way, however, make sure to never share toys. All urethral toys have to be properly sterilized before another person can use them. This is very important because it helps you prevent urinary tract infections and other problems. Keep this in mind if you want to engage in mutual urethral play with your partner.

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