Do Women Enjoy Penis Beading?

women enjoy penis beading~ Jose colon

Has any of you ladies ever been with a man who’s had genital beading work done? If so did you enjoy it?

Genital beading or genital pearling is a body modification that involves inserting special beads under the skin of the penis. This creates a texture on the penis that can be very satisfying for the man and his partners. These temporary penile implants rub against the woman’s G spot and her vaginal walls, which can make for a very powerful and enjoyable experience. However, not many people talk about the results of genital beading. Do women enjoy penis beading on a man?

When Do Women Enjoy Penis Beading?

It is not easy to answer this question. Do women enjoy penis beading? It is absolutely true that there are many women who enjoy it a lot. In fact, there are women who strongly prefer men who have these implants. On the other hand, it is important to know that not all women like genital beading.

Just like with other sexual things, it depends a lot on the person in question. There are women who may find genital pearling uncomfortable or way too intense. There are also those who reject the idea on the spot. Keep in mind that nobody is required to like this body modification or to enjoy it. If your partner is not into it, respect their feelings.

On the other hand, some women may be intrigued but may also fear of the beading. In case your partner wants to try it, you need to go slowly. An experience of having sex with a man who has penis pearling is intense and highly pleasurable, but it is important to be careful. You need to go slowly and to make sure that a woman is highly aroused. This is the best way to approach this. The same goes for men who have other types of male modifications, such as genital piercings.

Finally, there are women who highly enjoy the feeling of a penis with beading. The beads rub nicely against the vaginal walls and the G spot. This is a perfect way to give your lady something extra and make her moan in pleasure. The easiest way to find such a woman is to search in online and real life communities that deal with body modification and kink. There are many women who adore a man with penis beading.

How to Find More?

Many women enjoy penis beading but it might not be easy to find one who already knows what it is (outside of special communities). Genital beading is still not as common so there are many women who might not even know about it. There are many women who don’t even know about male genital jewelry but many enjoy it after they experience it. Similarly, there are many women who may enjoy genital beading after they experience it.

In this sense, you may suggest your partner to try it to see if she enjoys it. While there will always be women who dislike it, there are many women who love the feeling of a penis with beads underneath. The feeling is very erotic and arousing. It can make for very powerful and intense orgasms for the woman.

If your partner wants to try it for the first time, make sure to be gentle (see above). Women enjoy penis beading mostly when they have a high arousal and relaxation, so it is important not to rush things out. Use plenty of lube and make sure that she is properly aroused before you start. This will help keep things smooth and will make for a more pleasurable experience for the both of you. Just make sure to be careful and go slow in the beginning to let her body accommodate for this new feeling.

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  1. I am gay and my partners enjoy sex with my beading. A great turn on. Highly recommended.

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