Why Parents Say No to Body Piercings and Teens Can’t Get Enough of Them

Piercings and tattoos have been around for the longest time, yet parents frown whenever their kids say the P or T words. When asked, most parents, in fact most elders, give the reason that piercings, except for the accepted one or two ear piercings, make you look out of place, and not in a good way. That doesn’t stop the kids though who keep getting their body parts pierced and decorated with tattoos. Being a kid is tough and it gets tougher when you have to convince your parents to let you do stuff your way.

Why are parent so anti-piercings/tattoos anyway?

Blame it on generation gap, but parents still think that tattoos and piercings are something adorned by only the rebellious groups. According to them, body modification looks out of place and should be avoided if kids want to look decent and nice. Also there is this huge hype of ‘you can’t find work if you are pierced/tattooed/inappropriately dressed!’. Things are changing pretty fast and jobs and piercings/tattoos are mixing well together. But for parents to believe this, they need a whole lot of convincing!

How you can try and convince your folks

1.Try discussing – Discussions are always a good idea. Maybe your parents will see your side of things and agree. If they don’t, well you will have to wait. Just don’t go ahead and do what you want to and then disclose. Moms are easy to talk to while dads need more substantial reasons. You must know by now that proclaiming that something is “cool” will not get you what you want.

2.Help your parents understand – Prejudice is based, most importantly, on lack of information. Talk to your parents at length about the acceptance of piercing and tattoos in almost all areas. Also try and get them to explore the area themselves and collect information.

3.Choose your battles carefully – Before you go ahead and start talking to your parents and try to convince them for a thing which will stay with you all your life, be very sure you want it. Now if they agree, you will be very happy, of that we have no doubts. But would you be happy enough to keep it with your forever? Tattoos and/or piercings might not look very attractive as you grow old.

4.Patience is a virtue – If you have tried everything, talked, discussed, cried, given up food, etc., etc., and your folks still aren’t giving the nod, chances are they never will. So wait till you are on your own and of legal age and get as many piercings and tattoos you want. Till then, just sit back and try to relax.

Everywhere we look, people are sporting multiple piercings and tattoos. In such a scenario, it is impossible to not get involved, especially if your peers are. Parents don’t see why teens need piercings/tattoos so bad and that is why they disapprove of them; although the disapproval is mostly short lived and you can always have your way once you grow up. So think it through, decide and if you still want to pierce or get a tattoo, go right ahead!

Happy piercings/tattoos!

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2 thoughts on “Why Parents Say No to Body Piercings and Teens Can’t Get Enough of Them

  1. I am a 50 year old parent with many tattoos and piercings I can say I understand where some parents are coming from. I understand and enjoy all of my tattoos and piercings, I have no room really to tell my kids they can’t have them. But, I do ask them to consider everything carefully before doing anything. My daughter considered it, so, I pierced her lip for her a couple of weeks ago…

    If you work at Wendy’s it isn’t hard to get a job, if, however, you work elsewhere, like in an office environment, it does matter. I would love to think there will be a day when this isn’t true…. but for now, it is absolute truth…. at least anywhere I have ever been.

  2. Hi GregD58,
    Thanks for the post and you are correct in what you said. Although you may not have room to tell them that they can not have them, there is always the “because I said so” to fall back on. There is no reason to allow them to do something if you feel that it is a mistake at their age, just because you did it.
    Also I must comment on something you said, “I pierced her lip”. Unless you are a Professional Piercer then you should not be doing that. Shame on you.

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