Why is My Nose Ring Sliding Off?

Nose Ring Sliding OffNostril piercing is a great facial piercing for those who want to have something elegant and discreet. There are so many different jewelry options for nostril piercings so you can sure find something that suits you perfectly. Nose rings come in many different designs, shapes and materials so it may be difficult to decide on which one works the best. Sometimes, there is an issue with some of the nostril jewelry pieces. Some people report a nose ring sliding off and having a trouble keeping it inside.

What to do in such a situation? The good news is that this annoying problem is not so difficult to solve. Here are some things you can do if you notice your nose ring sliding off. 

Is it Really a Nose Ring Sliding Off?

The first thing you need to determine is the type of jewelry you actually have. Many times, when people report their nose ring sliding off, it is not actually a ring. Rather, these people use other types of nostril jewelry pieces, such as Nose Bones or Nose Screws.

Keep in mind that many people refer to all types of body jewelry pieces as “rings”. However, ring is just one option you can have with your nose piercing. These are some other common options that are more likely to slide off than the rings. So, if you suspect that your nose ring is slipping out, you need to make sure that it is truly a ring and not another jewelry piece.

Why is this important? Keep in mind that rings are very secure jewelry pieces. They are not easy to open and close on their own, so they are not likely to slip out. This is what makes rings one of the safest jewelry choice for your nose piercing.

So, if your ring is actually slipping out, it may be open or missing a part (such as a bead, in case of Captive Bead Rings). If this happens to you, it is best to replace the ring with another jewelry piece immediately, if possible. Then start looking for a missing piece. A ring sliding off may also happen if you don’t close it properly.

All in all, a ring is a secure jewelry type so it is not likely to slide out on its own. If your nostril jewelry piece just won’t stay in place, chances are that it is not actually a ring.

Nostril Jewelry That Won’t Stay in Place

When you suspect your nose ring sliding off, it is generally another jewelry piece that causes a problem. Nostril piercings use many different jewelry styles, such as Nose Bones, Nose Screws, Fish Tails and L-Bars. These are all gorgeous and can make your nose piercing stand out. Unfortunately, they are also more likely to slip out of your piercing.

This is particularly true for straight nostril jewelry pieces, such as Nose Bones. They are notoriously difficult to keep in place. Jewelry pieces with a curve, such as NoseScrews, are more difficult to slip out.

If you have a problem with your nose jewelry sliding out, it is always the best solution to replace it with a piece that is more difficult to get out. For example, if you use Nose Bones, switch to NoseScrews or rings. This will make your nostril jewelry less prone from falling out.

Keep in mind that many jewelry pieces for nostril piercings come in several different styles (Nose Bone, NoseScrew, etc.) It means that you can get an identical decoration and jewelry design, just in a more secure style.

If this doesn’t help, check your gauge. It may be that you are using jewelry that is too small for your piercing hole. Remember, in order to keep your jewelry in place and to prevent issues, it is important to use only jewelry that is of the same gauge as your piercing hole.

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