Why is Domination with Urethral Sounds So Exciting?

Domination with Urethral SoundsThere are many ways in which you can use urethral toys. There are many different sensations you can experience during urethral sounding. This is the main reason why these toys are so exciting. One of the best things about urethral toys is that you can use them with your partner. In fact, many people prefer couple sounding over all other forms of urethral play. Some people like to incorporate urethral stimulation in their BDSM activities. Why is domination with urethral sounds so exciting?

Domination with Urethral Sounds

Urethral sounds can be perfect toys for domination scenarios. Think about it: you have your slave under you and you insert a toy deep into their urethra. Urethra is not made for inserting things: on the contrary, it is there to expel fluids such as urine and semen. By inserting a toy you are going against the flow and this is a perfect way to exercise your dominance.

This is one of the main reasons why domination with urethral sounds is so exciting. You can have your submissive tied up and begging while you insert a toy as deep into their urethra as you want. You can watch them moan and trying to catch the pleasure or you can use a toy to deny pleasure to your slave. There are many ways in which you can torture and dominate your slave using urethral sounds.

Urethra is a forbidden opening. It is not made for penetration. By penetrating this narrow passage you are taking a full control of your slave. Of course domination with urethral sounds will be extra exciting and rewarding for all who engage in it! Just make sure to do it right.

Tips for Dominating with Urethral Sounds

Here are some useful tips you can use for domination with urethral sounds:

  • Always think of consent! Remember, BDSM has to be safe and consensual! Since urethral play can bring pain and discomfort, it is extremely important to have your partner’s consent. Decide on a safe word or a safe gesture before you start. This is the only way to truly enjoy dominating with urethral sounds.
  • Decide on the roles. Some people like to have strict dominant vs submissive roles in their play. This is how many couples approach urethral sounding. In this scenario, there is always one person receiving the sounds and the other one inserts the sound and dominates the first person. However, you may wish to play a switch – this is okay, too, but make sure to decide on these roles before you start.
  • Use force or not. One great thing about dominating with urethral sounds is that you don’t have to use force. It is perfectly possible to dominate your slave just by inserting the toys and making them go to the sensations. This is a perfect opportunity for those who want to engage in dominance play but are not a fan of pain and other extreme sensations. Of course, if you want to go extreme and to experience pain, this is also an option.
  • Choose your toys wisely. Not all urethral toys are good for all types of sensations. Decide on what you want to use for your domination scenario and choose a toy that is good for that specific purpose. For example, if you want to tease and torture by denying orgasm you will use thinner toys with a pointed tip that can tickle. If you want to induce pain, you will use more extreme toys with a curve, and so on. A lot will depend on your personal preferences, of course. However, make sure to always use the best toy for the purpose.
  • Stay safe. It is incredibly important to stay safe during all domination scenarios. Remember, urethral stimulation is exciting but can also bring serious harm if you are not careful. To avoid injuries and other problems, make sure to understand the safety procedures during urethral play. Of course, some people might choose to get injuries but you need to decide on this beforehand and you also need to know when to stop to prevent serious harm.
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