Why Ear Piercings Can Never Go Out of Style

Whenever we think of piercings, the first ones that come to our mind are ‘ear piercings’. This easily makes them the most common place, but despite that, these are the most sought after piercings. Almost everyone’s initiation into the world of piercings is done through ear piercings. This is one fashion statement that will never, ever go out of style.

Ear piercings are probably one of the oldest forms of body modification. These have stood the test of time! Also, there is so much more to ear piercings than simple lobe piercings. Most definitely, ear piercings can never go out of style! Let’s see why:

Ear piercings are the safest ever and heal real fast. Also, getting them hardly hurts. Ear lobe piercings are easily the most hassle free and painless. Of course, as you move up towards the cartilage, it gets a little more painful and demands a little extra attention, but despite this, ear piercings are the easiest to handle.

Ear Piercing Jewelry Options are Many!

Because ear piercings are the most common, there are many, many options for ear jewelry. They are easily among the most manufactured jewelry pieces and because of that, they are available in many different designs, materials and styles.

Ear piercings are acceptable everywhere, which cannot be said of most other facial piercings. Eyebrow, labret and nose piercings might be a problem at your workplace or college, but pierced ears are never frowned upon. Pierced ear lobes are never a problem, but cartilage piercings might be. For that there is an array of retainer jewelry available which can hide them very effectively.

While it is true that ear piercings do not require a lot of TLC, you cannot ignore them completely. They are as susceptible to infections as any other piercing, just that they do not demand as much care and attention. Just be careful with them for sometime and you can continue to decorate and enjoy them for all times to come! Ear piercings will never go out of style!

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