Why Can’t I Get the Courage to Pierce Myself?

Why Can’t I Get the Courage to Pierce MyselfMany people who like body piercings wonder about how to do the piercing quickly and cheaply. Some resort to getting pierced at mall kiosks or other unprofessional establishments. There are even people who ask their friends to pierce them. Finally, there are people who decide to pierce themselves. This is not as rare as it should be. It is not unusual to get questions about how to do self-piercing, what kind of tools to use and other questions for advice. There are even some people who are reluctant and ask things such as: “Why can’t I get the courage to pierce myself”?

Why Can’t I Get the Courage to Pierce Myself: The Answer

The simple answer to question “why can’t I get the courage to pierce myself” is simple: it’s probably because you understand how bad of an idea this is. Seriously, piercing yourself has to be one of the worst ideas one can get about piercings.

It is crucial to understand one thing: piercings, even the relatively simple ones, are not a joke. They involve creating holes in the skin and tissue. This is something only a professional can do properly. If piercing is done in a bad way, it can result in numerous problems, such as infection, damage to tissue and some even worse things. These consequences can be very serious so it’s highly advisable for people to never try to pierce themselves.

You simply cannot perform a piercing procedure properly. Even if you don’t cause health consequences, chances are that you will not make a proper placement or that you will choose wrong piercing needles and other tools. This is a very bad idea altogether. You should not even think about piercing yourself.

The same goes for getting a piercing from a friend or someone else who is not a professional. You might think that going this way will save you money but it’s just not worth the risk. The only possible exception is if your friend is a professional piercer. Even in this situation, however, it is important to get a piercing at their studio and not their home, garage or another unprofessional place.

What to Do?

If you want to have a healthy, beautiful piercing you need to go to a professional. There is no doubt about this. There are many high-quality, professional yet affordable piercing studios. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a professional piercing.

Trying to save money on a piercer is a very bad idea altogether, especially since there are many affordable yet reliable options you can use. The first step is to research piercing studios in your area to decide on the best one. Do not be lazy to visit them all to talk to staff and make the best decision.

Choosing a professional piercer has another great advantage. It will hurt much less. Remember, professional piercers are trained to use piercing needles and to perform piercings as smoothly as possible. This minimizes pain and trauma to the tissue. This is just not something a non-professional can do. Think about this when deciding on your next piercing.

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