Why are Some Piercings Rare?

Fans of body modifications know that piercings can be incredibly varied. There are so many ways to create a piercing and pierce the body, with numerous body jewelry choices. It is therefore not surprising that there are so many different piercing types to choose from. Basically, almost any body part can be pierced. So why are some piercings rare?

Popular Piercings

Why are Some Piercings RareWhile it is true that a piercing can be created on almost any body part, in reality we encounter some popular and common piercing choices. Popular piercings include earlobe piercing, lip piercing, nostril piercing, eyebrow piercing, tongue piercing and navel piercing. These are the most popular piercings in the world.

Then there are less common but still very popular options, such as septum piercing, nipple piercing and various types of ear cartilage piercings. Stretched piercings, particularly stretched earlobes, are also very popular. Another popular type of piercings are genital piercings.

While they are not common among general population they are very popular among many piercing fans. Of course, certain genital piercings, such as Prince Albert and Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) piercings are more popular than the others.

And then there are rare piercings. While it is possible to pierce almost any part of the body, some piercings are simply rare and uncommon. Neck piercings, tongue web piercing, uvula piercing, nose bridge piercing – all of these piercings exist and have their fans, but are simply not common as some of the other ones. Why?

There are several reasons why some piercings are rarer than the others. One would think that pain and complexity have something to do with that, but it’s not necessarily the truth. After all, genital piercings are the most painful of them all and they are relatively common.

The Reason Why Are Some Piercings Rare

So, why are some piercings rare? The main reason is that not all body parts and placements are good for piercings. While it is possible to perform piercings almost anywhere, it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. Certain body parts are simply better than the others when it comes to keeping your piercing. Remember, it is not enough to pierce the skin and insert the jewelry: the goal is to heal your piercing properly so you can enjoy it for a long time.

Popular piercing spots, such as earlobes or navel, fulfill this requirement without a problem. You can enjoy these piercings for years and only retire them when you get bored of them. Chances are that you will not be forced to retire a piercing or that it would cause so much trouble that it becomes dangerous. However, this isn’t true for all body parts and placements. Certain areas are less forgiving of piercings. If you have a piercing on such a spot, expect it to be difficult to maintain and short-lived.

This is particularly true for those who like surface piercings. You can perform these almost anywhere, which is why you get all those unusual locations, such as back, neck, chest, arms, legs, and more. However, these piercings are typically short-lived and you need to retire them quickly. In some cases, these piercings are for photographing only and are removed (retired) right after you pose for a photo. This is because surface piercings are very sensitive and often difficult to maintain. They are prone to troubles such as infection, migration, rejection and other issues. In some cases, it is impossible to heal a piercing correctly.

What to Do if You Want a Rare Piercing?

The above is the number one reason why some piercings are rare and others very popular: not all spots and body parts react equally well to the piercing. This is something you need to think about when deciding on a new piercing for yourself.

If you like rare and unusual piercings there is no reason not to get them. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that they are high-maintenance and potentially short-lived. Another potential issue is social stigma: keep in mind that there is usually less understanding about rare piercings (particularly extreme ones) than it is for other piercing types. This may not be important to you but it’s worth mentioning.

If you are okay with this you can go and get that gorgeous rare piercing you want. Just make sure to choose a reliable piercer who will know how to make your piercing as healthy and long-lived as it can be.

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