Where to Pierce the Septum

Where to Pierce the SeptumSeptum piercing is among the most popular nose piercings. It is not unusual to see a person with a stylish nose ring through the septum. For many people, this is a more effective piercing than a simple nostril piercing. However, septum piercings can look more extreme than they actually are. After all, nose cartilage is firm and sensitive, so it looks like a complex piercing. Luckily, it is much simpler than that. This is why it’s important to know where to pierce the septum. Professional piercers perform this type of a piercing without much trouble.

Where to Pierce the Septum Exactly?

The first thing you need to know about septum piercing is that it is less extreme than it may seem. It is also less painful and it’s over quickly with a professional piercer. This is also an important thing to keep in mind: you should never do the piercing by yourself, or let a friend pierce you. In order to have a proper piercing that is problem-free, you need to go to a reliable piercing studio and book a professional piercer. Anything else is dangerous and irresponsible.

In this sense, the following information on where to pierce the septum is just a note. The goal is to help you understand a septum piercing so you can decide whether it is the right piercing for you or not. This information should not be used for learning how to pierce. Again, something like that would be extremely dangerous.

People who wonder where to pierce the septum are often scared of piercing pain. They assume that a septum piercing involves piercing nose cartilage. In reality, nothing can be further from the truth.

The septum piercing goes through the thin piece of tissue in front of the nose cartilage. This tissue is soft and it is easy to pierce it. In this sense, a septum piercing is not a cartilage piercing. It is a relatively simple piercing as long as you do it at a reliable piercing studio.

The Best Septum Jewelry

A great thing about septum piercing is that you can wear very effective jewelry with it. We at The Chain Gang recommend several types of septum jewelry to go with your piercing. Typical jewelry pieces for septum piercings are rings, such as Captive Bead Rings, and circular barbells. Some people choose other jewelry styles but these are the most popular.

Luckily, these jewelry pieces come in many different sizes, materials and decorations so there are many different styles to choose from. For example, many people opt for gold nose piercing jewelry while others prefer smooth Surgical Steel jewelry pieces. Gold rings and gold septum circular barbells are particularly popular.

Of course, if you don’t want to wear metal jewelry with your septum piercing you may opt for acrylic or silicone jewelry. In case you want to hide and conceal your septum piercing you should use special septum retainers. These are ideal for those situations in which you cannot wear your piercing jewelry or when you wish to minimize your piercing. For example, many employers require you to hide your piercings. Since a septum piercing is very prominent, it is a good idea to use a transparent retainer to hide it.

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