Where to Look for a Kink-Friendly Doctor?

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It was recommended to find a kink friendly doctor. What is the best way to find one without getting the doctor staff all up in arms? I have Kaiser but I understand that I may have to find a different one for advice on sounding the urethra.

Finding a kink-friendly doctor is not easy. After all, most medical professionals consider their duty not to reveal anything to their patients which might cause any harm. This is true even if the patient is seeking for advice on this. Since sexual practices such as urethral stimulation or ball stretching can hurt the body, it is not surprising that many doctors simply refuse to talk about it. It is therefore not strange that it is so hard to find a kink-friendly doctor.

Why is Difficult to Find a Kink-Friendly Doctor?

Kink-Friendly DoctorThere are many doctors who are great professionals but to not look favorably at certain practices that bring risks. Urethral stimulation, ball stretching and various types of BDSM games can bring injuries and other risks. This is why many doctors simply refuse to talk about it, let alone to give advice to their clients on how to perform these activities.

Also, some doctors have prejudice about BDSM and rarer sexual practices. They are human, after all, with their own biases. It is therefore not surprising that some of them simply refuse to even discuss things like urethral stimulation or ball stretching. These doctors consider such practices harmful and bad in many ways.

As you can see, many doctors don’t even want to discuss these things. You are right about medical staff being surprised or even angered by a request for advice on urethral play. This is simply the fact of life: most doctors do not support these sexual practices and won’t offer advice on them.

However, there are doctors with a different philosophy. For these people, urethral play and other sexual practices are something people choose to do to themselves. They believe that a person has a right to decide what they want to do with their body. At the same, these doctors know that urethral play and other extreme sexual practices can bring risks. These risks are particularly strong with people who are uninformed and don’t know what they are doing. Kink-friendly doctors believe that it is their duty to help these people minimize the risks and perform these sexual practices in the safest possible way. They know that people will be doing these things regardless so these kink-friendly doctors want to help them enjoy these activities in a safe manner.

Advice on Finding a Kink-Friendly Doctor

While there are many kink-friendly doctors they are not easy to find. These medical professionals are still in the minority and some of them might not want to disclose their attitude publicly. It is understandable: being a kink-friendly doctor is far from a norm in the medical community.

This poses a huge problem for patients who might want to find a kink-friendly doctor in their area. This is never an easy task but there are three methods that seem to work the best. Please note that we cannot recommend any specific individuals since we are not affiliated with them but here are the three effective ways to find a kink-friendly doctor:

Seek online in specialized communities. There are many online communities dedicated to BDSM, urethral play, ball stretching and other niche sexual practices. Find such online communities, become a member and see if there are doctors advertising their services. Often times, you will be able to meet people in these communities who can be able to recommend a kink-friendly doctor to you.

Word of mouth. If you are part of a BDSM or other niche community in real life, ask people. Chances are that they can recommend a good kink-friendly doctor in the area. Since most people who practice the same activities will need a kink-friendly doctor there is a good chance that they know someone.

Phone doctors. This method requires more time and can be a bit risky because you can’t guarantee a result. However, there are some people who managed to find a kink-friendly or at least kink-neutral doctor this way. Phoning clinics and doctor’s offices can be less intimidating than going there in person. Also, it preserves your anonymity. If you try this method be prepared to call many people before you find someone. Also, there is no guarantee that a doctor who said on the phone that is kink-friendly turns out to really be kink-friendly.

However, this is your best option if you don’t know anyone in the online or offline kink community. Keep in mind that the best way to find a kink-friendly doctor is through a recommendation. At the same time, there are people who were able to find a kink-friendly doctor by simply phoning numerous doctors so you might try this method if other ones fail.

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