Where to Get a Penis Plug 13mm?

Penis Plug 13mmThere are many different sizes of penis plugs you can try for satisfaction. Some of them are short and smooth while others are longer and come with additions such as glans rings or texture. It is very important to choose a penis plug depending on your experience level and comfort. For example, a thick penis plug or another urethral toy is good only for users with plenty of experience. Is penis plug 13mm a thick or a thin one? Since this is a standard size that we carry it is important to understand what kind of a toy is a penis plug 13mm.

Penis Plug 13mm: Big or Small?

The first thing you need to understand about a penis plug 13mm is that this is a urethral toy that has 13mm in thickness. This is considered big by most urethral toy standards. It doesn’t matter if such a penis plug is short or long: its thickness makes it a big toy.

This is important to remember if you want a 13mm thick penis plug for your urethral play. These toys are magnificent and can bring a lot of joy to a user with experience. However, they are not a good choice for beginners or casual users who still have to stretch their urethra. Using such a thick toy is not a good idea in those situations.

If you are a newbie to urethral stimulation it is for the best to skip penis plug 13mm for now. Stick to smaller urethral toys, such as penis plugs that are around 8mm. This is also true for users who have some experience but still didn’t have time to train and stretch their urethra. Remember, toys that are over 9mm-10mm are ideal for users who have a larger urethra.

If you are only starting out, opt for smaller penis plugs and urethral trainers. This will give you an opportunity to try urethral play in a safe and comfortable manner. It will also help stretching your urethra to a larger diameter. Once you stretch and train your urethra you will be able to accept larger toys.

Specifically Looking for Thick Penis Plugs?

If you are a user with plenty of experience who is specifically looking for thick penis plugs, then you don’t have to worry. It is possible to find many 13mm or even larger urethral toys to satisfy all your deepest needs. We carry many different design of plugs that you can enjoy.

Remember, a penis plug 13mm doesn’t have to be complex. If you are only into thickness but not strong texture or other additions, don’t worry: there are plenty of amazing penis plugs you can use. Just make sure to pick a model you like and order it in the 13mm size. Your amazing, powerful penis plug will soon be with you so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Here are some of our best 13mm penis plugs ideal for intense pleasure and powerful urethral play:

Cum Through Penis Plug, Cock Screw Penis Plug, Torpedo Penis Plug and Glans Ring, Salt Shaker Penis Plug, Sniper Bullets.

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