When to Use Thin Urethral Toys?

Thin Urethral ToysThere are many different types of urethral toys you can use for pleasure. As you probably know, it is extremely important to choose the right sounding device for your experience level. It has a lot to do with the toy’s diameter. It is not really good to use toys that are too thick nor too thin. While using too thick toys is a clearly bad practice, many people wonder about thin urethral toys. What is the problem with them and when is ok to use these urethral devices?

The Problem with Thin Urethral Toys

Thin urethral toys are those that have a diameter that is smaller than your urethra. It means that what is thin for one person might not be for the other, so this is subjective. Keep this in mind when trying to judge what consists “too thin” for you.

Thin toys may sound like a good idea for beginner users precisely because of their small diameter. After all, these toys will not cause your urethra to stretch too much and with pain, so why not use them?

Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Thin urethral toys are actually a bad idea for beginner users because they come with their own set of problems. First of all, toys that are too thin may slip easily inside of the urethra. It means that they are difficult to control and might get lost inside. While it is typically possible to fish out a urethral toy without much trouble, this can be challenging for beginner users. In short, these toys are difficult to control so beginner users may not have much fun with them.

Another problem is that this thin diameter make the toy sharper and needle-like. It means that such a toy can easily cause injuries and other problems inside of the urethra if you don’t know how to control it. This is a very bad way to go and can lead to numerous issues.

In order to ensure your safety, it is important not to use toys that are thinner than your urethra. This is the best advice for beginner users who are only starting out to experiment with urethral toys. 

When Can You Use Thin Toys?

As you can see, using thin toys is generally not a good idea. Still, these urethral toys exist and are often part of sounding kits. So, when is okay to use thin toys? What kind of users can enjoy them?

Indeed, thin urethral toys do have their place. Here are some situations in which it is okay to use thin urethral toys:

  • You have plenty of experience. If you have plenty of experience with urethral sounding and know how to control them, go ahead! These toys can bring a lot of fun for users who know how to use them. They will provide a lot of pinpoint stimulation that may feel great, particularly if you like deep urethral play.
  • The toy has a safe tip and handle. Certain urethral toys come with a special handle for safe use. Such toys are easier to hold onto. However, this is not enough to use a thin toy – such a toy needs to have a rounded (as the opposite of tapered) tip. Such a tip will be gentler to the urethra and cannot cause so much trouble even if the toy slips inside. Also, make sure that the toy is smooth – it will feel more comfortable and will not cause a lot of friction with your urethral walls.
  • You have a very narrow urethra. Most people have a urethra that is around 6mm thick even before they stretch it. However, this is just an average. There are people with urethra that is very narrow. Such people will have to start urethral play with thinner toys than the others. However, to make sure you are good to go, it is best to consult a friend with more experience. It is important to always use urethral toys that are safe for your body.

Happy sounding!

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