When Is Peehole Insertion Dangerous?

Peehole Insertion Dangerous

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Peehole insertion, also known as urethral stimulation, is an exciting sexual activity. Both men and women engage in this sort of sexual play. Since this is a still lesser-know form of sexual stimulation, many people wonder about safety. Is peehole insertion dangerous?

Is Peehole Insertion Dangerous?

Many people want to know how safe is urethral stimulation. Is peehole insertion dangerous? It is important to say that urethral play is an activity that brings certain risks but it is possible to have safe and enjoyable experience. This is why it is so important to inform yourself about all aspects of urethral play, including the potentially unsafe situations.

Here are the Top 5 situations that make peehole insertion dangerous:

 1. Not Using Proper Toys

The most common thing that makes peehole insertion dangerous are improper toys. Some people choose to try urethral play with random objects, such as household items or similar. This often brings horrible results and can make any sort of urethral stimulation very dangerous.

There is a reason why urethral toys exist, so use them! A nice metal sound or a penis plug are not expensive so it is much better to get a proper toy instead of risking your health. Remember, random objects are not made for urethral use and can make a lot of mess if you insert them in the pee hole. These items are the number one reason why urethral play is dangerous. Don’t be that person. Get proper urethral toys so you can enjoy your sounding to the fullest.

2. Going Too Big (Or Too Small)

Another thing that can make peehole insertion dangerous is if you try to shove a toy that is too thick down your urethra. Keep in mind that urethra is made for getting things outside (urine, ejaculation) and not for getting things inside of it. This is why you need to be gentle and use only toys of a proper size.

Also, it is important to know that you generally need to train your urethra to accept larger toys. It means that you need to stretch it gradually. This can’t happen overnight so make sure to invest time and patience.

Another thing to keep in mind is that toys that are too thin can also be dangerous. These toys are difficult to control and they can easily slip inside of the urethra to make a lot of trouble. This is why they are reserved for users with plenty of experience.

3. Not Sanitizing Your Toys

Inserting toys into the urethra can be very fun, but it also opens the door for urinary tract infections, if you are not careful. The only way to avoid these infections is to use toys that are sterile.

This means going more than simply wiping your toys with alcohol or a soap. You need to actually sterilize your metal sounds before you use them. The best way to do it is to autoclave your toys but most people do not have an autoclave in their home. Instead, you can boil your metal toys for around five minutes. Just make sure not to touch the toys with dirty hands or objects after sterilization.

4. Using Unsanitary Lube

Just like your urethral toys have to be sterilized, so does your lubricant. Never use random lube for urethral play. The same goes for spit – this is a recipe for a trouble! Remember: anything that goes inside of the urethra needs to be sterile, which includes lube.

Luckily, there are many sterile lubricants out there that you can use for your urethral stimulation. We recommend SurgiLube, since this is what doctors use for examinations. There are also some other sterile lube options you can use but make sure that your lube is really, truly sterile before you use it.

5. Rushing It Out

Urethral play requires some time and skills. This is not something you can perfect overnight, so don’t even try. Rushing it out can make peehole insertion dangerous. This is why it is important to always take your time and go step by step.

Some people find it easy to insert toys into the urethra. Others need more time to do it. A lot will depend on your anatomy and your choice of toys so be patient. It is important never to push your toys or use force. If you feel that the toy simply doesn’t want to go in, take a break and try again at a later time. Remember, urethral play is a process and you need to conquer it slowly to prevent injuries and other problems. This is the only way to make peehole insertion safe instead of dangerous.

Happy sounding!

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