What is Body Piercing and why Should I Worry About Who Pierces me??

Body Piercing is when you add a hole in your body that is not suppose to be there in order to add Jewelry or decoration to your body. You can pierce almost every part of the body including ears, eyebrows, navel, Tongue, Lip, Nipples, and your genitals. The most common piercing would have to be your ears. And most people or parents start piercings with there children at a very young age.

Now just how are all of these different places pierced? Ear piercing is usually done with a piercing gun, unless you are having a specialized ear piercing done such as the cartilage. All other body piercings are done with a sterilized hollow needle which should only be used once. The reasons for this is because after one piercing, the needle will become very dull , and there is a column of flesh now inside that hollow needle. Also one use only is help to prevent the spread of diseases. Make sure when you are getting pierced that a needle is remove from a sterile pack. This is Very Very Important.

After you receive your Body Piercing it may be sore for a few days. That is somewhat normal depending on the location. If your piercing becomes infected you will notice redness and swelling around the piercing area and also possibly a discharge. Some discharge is normal, but if you have a yellowish, foul smelling discharge it’s time to see your doctor for treatment of an infection. You should never take the Jewelry out unless your doctor tells you too. Once you take the jewelry out then the infection has no place to drain causing you further problems if you are not treating the infection with antibiotics. Also cleaning your piercing daily will help prevent any infection and naturally always wash your hands before you begin.

If you have medical conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, or a weakened immune system you should talk to your doctor before getting any piercing. You would not want to risk anything with your body just to get a decoration on your body.

Just a few words of wisdom to help you make the correct and healthy decisions to get a body piercing. Piercing can be a very beautiful thing and also increase pleasure, but you should always be safe in doing this. You would not want to end up with an incurable disease just to be stylish.

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