What does Titanium mean to Body Jewelry?

Titanium Curved BarbellTitanium is one of the best metals to uses in your body piercing, if you have allergies to metals. It has virtually no alloys in it, therefore causing no reaction with you body and less rejection and infection from your piercing. Titanium is used in many implant surgeries that doctors perform daily for these very same reasons. It also is very light weight, at about 45% of the weight of Surgical Steel. So if you have large Gauges piercings you and want to lighten up some, you can do so with Titanium body jewelry because of it being so light.

Along with all of the great benefits of using titanium in your piercings, titanium can also be Anodized to give it many colors other then just the chrome/silver look you get with Surgical Steel. So it will brighten up your piercing as well as give your piercing that personalized look that you want. If you are looking for a great piece of Body Piercing Jewelry without the reaction titanium is the way to go. Here is a link where you can found it in various piece of jewelry:


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