What you can expect to find at a Body Jewelry Store

At a body jewelry store, you can expect to find unique and exquisite body jewelry for all parts of your body. On the other hand, you can also find experts in body jewelry that can help you find the perfect body jewelry for your piercings.

Body jewelry is used to adorn various parts of the part include the ears, nose, eyebrow, labret, nipple, and even private areas. When you first look at the various pieces of jewelry you may not know what part of the body they were created for that is the main reason you need a helping hand when it comes to choosing the correct body jewelry.

The ball closure ring is one of the most popular pieces of body jewelry you will find at a body jewelry store. These types of jewelry items are metal circles with a ball to cover the end of the piercing. In most cases, this type of jewelry is great for wearing on the navel, ears, and eyebrows. Examples of these would be the surgical steel screwball rings, monster screwball rings, 14k Side Set Gem Screwball Ring , Niobium Seamless Rings, Mysterium Vertebra Segment Ring, and Spiky Segment Ring to name a few.

However, there are a wide range of jewelry you can find for all parts of your body such as for the navel you may enjoy a barbell, spirals, or other variations of these can dangle such as the 14k Gold Round Prong Set Dangle Fixed Ring.

The idea behind body jewelry is that you can find various pieces of artwork that you may not be able to find at your local jeweler such as labret or eyebrow body jewelry. The various unique items of body jewelry found for labret piercings are as unique as the piercings themselves with such chooses as the skull labret, blackline spiked labret, the surgical steel firecone labret or more. The choices for the eyebrow are just as unique and can accent the shape and even the color of your eyes by choosing the correct gem as a contrast.

No matter what type of body jewelry you desire from earrings to personal piercings, a body jewelry store will have exactly what you are looking for as well as the advice to help you find the proper size and style to wear for your own piercings.

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