What Types of Penis Plugs are There?

Magic StickThere are many different types of penis plugs you can use to reach sexual pleasure. After all, penis plugs are among the most popular urethral toys for a reason: they can provide the best sensations and make for the most enjoyable urethral play imaginable. Along with urethral sounds, penis plugs are considered the most effective and comfortable urethral toys you can use. It is therefore not surprising that there are so many men who like to use penis plugs for their urethral play.

One of the most exciting aspects of urethral plugs is their versatility. Indeed, there are many different shapes, designs and types of penis plugs to try. Penis plugs are among the most diverse urethral toys because there are no two alike – each type and design is different and made for a specific sensation.

If you wish to use penis plugs but don’t know where to start, it would be useful to go through all the different types of penis plugs to help you choose the best ones for your needs. This is particularly useful for newbie users who wish to try urethral stimulation for the first time. What types of penis plugs are there? As it turns out, there is one for about any sensation you wish to experience!

Different Ways to Categorize Penis Plugs

Since there are many different types of penis plugs and since their names may not mean much to a newbie user, instead of listing different categories of penis plugs, it may be more useful to categorize them by function. What it means is that it is often best to categorize penis plugs based on the effect and sensations they can bring. Such a categorization, as the opposite of the one done simply based on the plug’s shape and size, take more than one factor into the account.

Also, this type of categorization tends to be more user-friendly because it focuses on what the users care the most – the effect and sensations a penis plug can give. There are many different things penis plugs can provide so you need to know which ones to use to achieve the desired effect. You don’t really need to know what kind of shape and size categorization a plug has if you simply know what you want to achieve with your urethral toy.

That being said, it may be useful to also list the traditional types of penis plugs, so you know how they are called. “Traditional categorization” is generally made based on the plug’s shape and design. This is not counter-intuitive to the above-mentioned categorization. After all, a plug’s shape and size does have a lot to do with the effects and sensations. However, the above categorization is useful if you don’t want to think about the plug’s design and how to determine a plug’s usability based on the design.

On the other hand, it is useful to know what kind of types of penis plugs you can use, based on their shape, size and design. It is important to be able to recognize a toy when you see it. This is particularly useful if you are choosing your urethral toys online so you can’t ask the people in the store for help and toy recommendations.

Since penis plugs are so diverse there are many different types and designs to choose from. Traditionally, penis plugs are divided into two broad categories: classic and special. Classic penis plugs are the basic penis plugs, with a smooth shaft and typically short body. These are usually small urethral toys suitable for beginners. However, there are bigger penis plugs in the “classic” design so make sure to always check how big your chosen urethral toy is.

Special types of penis plugs are those that have an additional, defining feature. For example, textured plugs have a pronounced texture made for additional stimulation during use. Flexible plugs are made in a combination of metal and softer, flexible parts. Centipede plugs consist of a series of metal and flexible parts. Vibrating penis plugs have added vibrating functionality. Sprinkler plugs have a huge head with holes made for an exciting effect during orgasm. Penis plugs with glans rings combine functions of a urethral toy and a cock ring. The cock ring (in this case, a glans ring) provides a double function: on one hand, it is there to keep the plug securely in place and on the other, it provides additional stimulation during use.

These are just some of the popular types of penis plugs divided by plug’s design and shape. If you are looking for a specific type of a toy, it is worth going through these categories to see what’s in there. Keep in mind however, that not all stores divide their plugs in this way, so it is important to be aware of the common designs and don’t expect plugs to always be neatly categorized along these lines.

The Ball Python SnakeHowever, if you are not simply concerned about the design but would like to know about the plug’s functionality, the exact name or the shape of a plug may not mean much to you. This is because penis plug categorization can also be done based on the parameters discussed above: the feeling and desired effect, experience level and sensations you wish to have. If this is your goal, then it makes sense to learn about the types of penis plugs based on functionality and not simply shape, since differently shaped plugs can produce the same effect and two very similar plugs can be used in very different ways.

What Types of Penis Plugs are There?

If you wish to categorize penis plugs by functionality, there are certain effects and sensations you wish to achieve. When looked in this way, penis plugs can be divided into several common types:

  • To train. These are the smallest penis plugs ideal for beginners and those who want a light urethral stimulation.These penis plugs are ideal for beginners who wish to try urethral stimulation for the first time. These training plugs are typically smaller and smoother, although it is not a general rule. These are great toys for beginners and those who want a bit of mild sensation without much intensity.
  • Long term wear. If you wish to wear your penis plug for prolonged periods of time, make sure to choose a hollow one so urine and sperm can pass through. Also, it has to be comfortable and to allow for free movement.
  • To stop sperm. If preventing ejaculation is your goal, make sure to choose a solid penis plug or a special Sperm Stopper.
  • To provide additional stimulation. For those who appreciate more intensity, the best penis plugs are those that are heavily textured or designed in such a way to hit all the right spots in a more intense way than regular plugs.
  • For deeper exploration. Those who like deep urethral stimulation will sure love extra-long penis plugs. These can reach truly deep! Suitable only for the more experienced users.
  • Special types – niche needs. These are special penis plugs made to provide specific sensations. Some of these are extreme and very intense so they are made only for users with niche needs, such as BDSM, pain and pleasure and other kinks.

Here are the main types of penis plugs in more detail:

To Train

As mentioned above, training plugs are great for beginners who are only starting to discover the joys of urethral simulation. These plugs are typically smaller so they can be used even by people who don’t have a fully trained urethra. As such, they make great beginner toys for those who wish to try urethral stimulation for the first time.

Keep in mind, however, that there are special urethral training and stretching toys for those who wish to make their urethra bigger and able to accommodate bigger toys. That being said, if you simply wish to experience how urethral stimulation feel without ever becoming overwhelming, you should use one of the smaller, training penis plugs. These penis plugs are sometimes known as tiny penis plugs and they are ideal for beginners.

However, keep in mind that you don’t have to be a beginner to use these penis plugs. They are also ideal for some light, mild sensations so they are ideal for everyone who wish to experience urethral play with a perfect comfort.

Recommended products: Standard Penis Plug, Ring Action Penis Plug, Torpedo Penis Plug and Glans Ring, Sleek & Hollow Penis Plug.

Long Term Wear

Those who wish to wear their penis plugs for long periods of time need to find suitable toys. A penis plug is good for a long-term wear if it fulfills certain requirements. First of all, it has to be comfortable, not only when inserted but also when the person moves. If you wish to wear your penis plug on day to day basis, especially if you want to go with it in public, it has to allow for free motions and to stay comfortable.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a plug has to be hollow if you wish to wear it for longer periods of time. This is more than being able to ejaculate with the penis plug on – you will also need to urinate without taking it off.

Finally, remember that your chosen penis plug has to be discreet enough not to show under your everyday clothes. Certain penis plugs have big heads and other additions that make them unsuitable to be worn under clothes.

Another thing to remember is that a penis plug should be such that stays in place without a problem. It may be distracting and embarrassing to need to adjust your penis plug in everyday situations, or to have it “pop out” in a bad moment. You need something that stays in place discreetly and comfortably.

Also, remember that a penis plug with a glans ring may not be good for this purpose because cock rings should not be worn for long periods of time.

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To Stop Sperm

The Sperm Stopper with Frenum BallWhile many penis plugs are hollow and made to allow for free flow of all the fluids (sperm and urine), certain penis plugs are the opposite. They are actually made to prevent sperm and urine to be expelled from the body. While there is a specific type of urethral toys designed for this effect, called Sperm Stoppers, keep in mind that there are also many “regular” penis plugs that can achieve the same effect.

If you wish to stop sperm (or urine), there are special toys designed for that. Sperm Stoppers are small yet effective urethral toys that can be inserted into the urethra with the objective of preventing ejaculation. During the orgasm, semen cannot be ejaculated from the body and it goes back, which produces some unique sensations.

That being said, Sperm Stoppers are not the only type of urethral toys that can be used for preventing ejaculation. Any penis plug, if it’s not hollow, can serve this purpose. If you are interested in this sensation make sure to seek penis plugs that are solid (meaning, not hollow) – there are many different designs and types out there. Also, if you find a design you like check if it’s sold in a solid design. Many penis plugs actually come in two variants, solid and hollow, so you can choose the one you like the best.

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To Provide Additional Stimulation

Certain penis plugs are made to provide additional stimulation during use. These plugs typically have a pronounced texture or a special design that allows for a more intense experience. While not typically long, these plugs give a more powerful sensation so they are ideal for those who are looking for something extra during their urethral play.

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For Deeper Exploration

Penis plugs are generally shorter than urethral sounds and thus not suitable for deep urethral stimulation. That being said, there are certain penis plugs that are very long (over 11 or 12 inches) and can be used for deep urethral stimulation. These extra-long penis plugs are ideal for more experienced users who wish to go truly deep.

Recommended products: Extra Long Male Urethral Vibrator / Vibrating Sound, Centipede Penis Plug, X2 Prince’s Wand Sound, The Ball Python Snake, The Anaconda, The Burmese Python, The Diamondback Snake, Extra Long Penis Plug.

Special Types – Niche Needs

There are many penis plugs specially designed for certain types of sensations or a specific kink. For example, some penis plugs have a very big head with holes, so it acts as a sprinkler during ejaculation. Other penis plugs are more extreme and made for those who like BDSM and combining pain and pleasure. These extreme plugs are not for everyone but those who like these types of sensations will truly appreciate them to the fullest.

Recommended products (keep in mind that each one is suitable for a specific sensation and niche interest; make sure to check out if your chosen penis plug is made for the type of sensation you wish to achieve): Cock Ring with Urethral Penis Plug, 4 Way Penis Plug, Salt Shaker Penis Plug, The Sprinkler Penis Plug, Glans Ring with Set Screws and Thru Hole Penis Plug, Rings of Ecstasy, Extreme Steel Sadistic Cock Head Wand with Chastity Device.

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  1. A plug with an olive shape and a slender neck has proven to be beneficial, of course with longitudinal drilling. The plug slips in and then you can not feel in any more, because it fits perfectly into the navicular urethrae fossa. The next plug should be only 0.5mm larger in diameter. 1mm jumps are too much.

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