What to Use as a Sounding Lube?

Sounding LubeSounding can be a very exciting activity but it can also bring certain risks. In order to stay safe, it is crucial to understand how to protect yourself during urethral sounding. One of those precautions includes choosing appropriate sounding lube. Such a lube should make urethral stimulation arousing but also safe. Since there are many risks associated with this activity, choosing the right lube becomes extremely important.

Risks of Urethral Play and Sounding Lube

How does sounding lube relate to risks of urethral play? As you probably know, the two main problems of urethral play are infections and injuries. Infections typically happen in a form or urinary tract infections (UTIs) and are caused by bacteria inside of the urethra. These bacteria come directly from the outside, typically by using non-sterile urethral toys or dirty hands. However, bacteria can also come through lube.

One of the major problems in urethral sounding is that not all lubricants are good for preventing infections. In order to stay safe, your lube has to be sterile. Unfortunately, not all personal lubricants fulfill this requirement. A lube that is not sterile can introduce bacteria into the urethra and cause UTIs and other problems.

Another issue to worry about is a potential injury. While the majority of sounding experiences are pleasurable ones, there is also a very real risk of injury. This is also where a good lube can help. It keeps things smooth and it allows a urethral toy to glide without much trouble. This minimizes the risk of injuries and other problems.

What Kind of a Sounding Lube to Choose?

In order for your sounding lube to be safe, it has to provide protection from the major problems: infections and injuries. It is very important to take both of these risks into account when choosing a sounding lube for your needs.

The best way to minimize the risk of infections is to use lube that is sterile. Luckily, there are many options out there. Your best way to go might be a lubricant that doctors use for examinations, because you know it is sterile. SurgiLube is one of those lubricants. It is sterile and doctors use it for examinations, including urethral ones. This is how you know that your lube is safe and will not cause infections.

Another thing to keep in mind is lube’s ability to help you prevent injuries. You need a long-lasting lubricant for this purpose, and also one that is strong enough. Remember, urethra does not produce enough of its own lubrication so a personal lube is vital. Again, SurgiLube is an excellent choice in this regard.

When using sounding lube, make sure to apply it both on the toy and your body. Try to squeeze as much lube as possible down the pee hole and into your penis. During sounding, make sure to re-apply lube if necessary. All of this will minimize the risks associated with urethral stimulation and will make your experience more pleasurable.

Happy sounding!

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