What to Expect from a Penis Plug?

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I’m a guy.I just ordered a small metal plug, and I have a couple of questions. Will the plug stimulate my prostate? That can be very pleasurable. How long can I leave it in? Will different activities produce stimulation i.e. walking, sitting, driving, etc. Thanks!

Many beginner users wonder what to expect from a penis plug, especially if this is their first urethral toy. Urethral play is exciting so it’s not surprising that you want to start experimenting straight away. What to expect from a penis plug and other urethral toys? There are certain things to keep in mind when using your urethral toys.

Before we answer your questions, here are some general tips you need to know:

What to Expect from a Penis Plug and Other Urethral Toys?

penis plugsThere are many great things you can expect from a penis plug and other urethral toys. However, beginners need to understand that urethral play is often an acquired taste: it takes some time to learn how to pleasure yourself. It also means that you need some time and effort to learn how to properly use your urethral toys. This is the only way to make them truly work for you and to be truly useful at providing urethral stimulation.

Don’t let this discourage you, though. The learning curve is actually very exciting and pleasurable, so you can probably start enjoying your penis plug straight away. There are a few things to learn, though. You need to know all about the safety guidelines and how to prevent injuries and other troubles. Remember, urethral stimulation is fun but it also carries certain risks you need to know how to minimize or eliminate altogether.

Beginners should also stick to smaller, less intense urethral toys. A small penis plug is a great way to start. Keep in mind, however, that you should not use urethral toys that are too thin, so thin urethral sounds are not great for beginners. Small penis plugs, however, are safe for newbie users because they are not sharp nor too thin. In fact, a small penis plug is an ideal beginner toy you can use to start experimenting with urethral play.

Will the Plug Stimulate My Prostate?

Prostate stimulation is very exciting and pleasurable. In fact, many people claim that it is the most arousing part of urethral play. However, not all urethral toys can lead to prostate massage. Since prostate is inside the body, the only way to reach it through the urethra is to have a urethral toy that goes beyond the base of the penis.

Small penis plugs and other beginners’ urethral toys are typically not long enough for this. They are good for stimulating the part of the urethra inside the penis shaft but not beyond the base of the penis. This is okay. There are many pleasurable sensations you can have just by having a penis plug inside your urethra. As a beginner, it is best to start slowly experimenting and making your body get used to the feeling of urethral play. If you want to try prostate stimulation, you can always get longer urethral toys later.

For now, you can try stimulating your prostate through anal stimulation. There are many great butt plugs and P-spot stimulators that can help you achieve your goal. As for urethral play, just take your time to learn how to use a penis plug and then you can move to larger urethral toys for prostate stimulation.

How Long Can I Leave Penis Plug Inside?

Another common question beginners have about penis plugs is how long can you leave your urethral toy inside the penis. There is no straight answer to this, because a lot will depend on your own anatomy and the type of a penis plug you have. However, there are many penis plugs that are okay to leave inside for prolonged periods of time. Some people keep them in for hours, while other wear them for days. In some situations, people leave their penis plugs inside for weeks. However, keep in mind that these are typically users with more experience and knowledge of urethral toys.

The main thing about leaving the plug inside is the design of the plug itself. There are certain penis plugs that are specially designed for prolonged wear. These penis plugs are hollow. They have the so-called “cum through” hole so all fluids can pass freely. It means you can urinate and ejaculate without taking them off. You can wear such a plug for much longer than a solid plug you have to remove each time you want to urinate.

As a beginner, it is best to start slowly building your endurance. At first, do not leave your penis plug inside for longer than a few minutes. See how it feels, try masturbating or simply walking around with your plug inside your penis. After you get used to this sensation, you can start increasing the time and leaving your penis plug inside for longer. Just remember to go slowly and take your penis plug out immediately if it becomes uncomfortable.

Do Different Activities Produce Stimulation?

This is yet another thing that largely depends on the person and the type of a penis plug they use. Generally speaking, penis plugs and other urethral toys provide stimulation in two ways: by stretching the urethra when they are inside and by wearer playing with the toy. Playing, such as slightly moving the penis plug in and out, is very exciting but it’s usually something you can do only when you masturbate. However, the other exciting thing can happen any time you wear a toy inside the urethra. It will provide a nice stretching stimulation and the feeling of being filled up.

Also, many men find that the mere idea of having something inside the penis or having a secret penis toy under the clothes, is exciting on itself. This is particularly true for men who are into various fetishes and kink activities. So yes, wearing your penis plug in everyday situations can be both physically and mentally exciting.

However, keep in mind that the exact level of stimulation and excitement will depend a lot on many things. It is highly individual. You may find it not so arousing or you may love it. The only way to know is to try it and see if this is something you find exciting.

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  1. In the meantime, I get an 18mm plug into my Meatus Externus inside. That’s why I have now permanently used an 18mm penis plug with longitudinal bore. So I can again control pissing. For with a meatus external opening of 18 mm the urine occasionally sprayes uncontrolled. The plug is only for cleaning, or if I want to stretch the meatus. With the inserted plug I can also masturbieren good. The 17mm penis plug has dropped out after 2 weeks by itself. It looks so that one with this method also its meatus external opening can expand comfortably. The 18mm plug inserted now I do not feel at all. I wear the plug just to stretch the meatus externus, and to control the urine stream. The 18mm plug fits perfectly. The plug slips in and then you can not feel in any more, because it fits perfectly into the navicular urethrae fossa. When the plug slips out, you can combine it with a glans ring to keep it inside. At the moment I’m also going to stretch my urethra into the prostate. I can now introduce a Hegar dilator with 12,5mm diameter and 19cm length.

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