What to Do if You Lose Piercing?

What to Do if You Lose PiercingHaving a beautiful piercing you like is a great thing. After all, you need to invest some time and energy into it. People without piercings don’t understand that piercings require some effort. First you have to decide on the best piercing type, then you have to go through the procedure and finally, you need to maintain your piercing. So, what happens if you lose piercing? Is there a way to erase this error?

What you need to do in this situation largely depends on what happened with your piercing. There are several common scenarios and some common solutions to this problem. One thing to remember in all of the scenarios is that you don’t need to panic. Chances are that you can save your piercing or you can get a new one on the same spot.

What to do if you lose piercing? Here are some common scenarios and solutions:

Scenario 1: You Lose Your Jewelry

For many people, losing their jewelry equals losing their piercing. Since the piercing hole starts shrinking without the jewelry in, losing your jewelry can make you lose piercing. This is particularly problematic if you don’t have any spare jewelry piece or spare parts for your jewelry.

Most of the time, jewelry is either lost or parts of it fall off. This is why it’s always important to carry extra jewelry pieces with you at all times, just in case. Also, make sure to get some spare parts for your original jewelry (beads, shafts, gems) so you can replace them in case you need them.

A problem with jewelry is relatively easy to solve. In order not to lose your piercing, all you need to do is to get new jewelry inside. Chances are that you will not lose piercing if you insert new jewelry within a few hours or even more. While it’s not recommended to ever leave your piercing without jewelry inside, keep in mind that some holes don’t close quickly. Depending on the piercing type and your anatomy, the hole might be open days or even months after you lose your jewelry. However, it is not recommended to wait this long. Make sure to get the new jewelry in as soon as possible so you can save your piercing.

Scenario 2: Your Piercing Gets Infected or Hurt

This is a bigger problem. Infections, injuries and other problems can threaten your piercing. It is not unheard of to lose piercing in this situation. On the other hand, an infection or injury don’t necessarily mean that you will lose your piercing. However, it is important to act quickly in this situation.

It is important that you observe your piercing regularly so you can notice the first signs of trouble. The sooner you notice it, the better. Chances are that the first signs of infection or another problem can be cured. If you notice this, make sure to consult both your piercer and your doctor. They will help you save your piercing.

In case that it’s impossible to save your piercing, don’t worry. It is often possible to get a new piercing on the same spot once the infection is cleared. Just make sure to cure it completely. Wait until the tissue is good again and then you can get repierced on the same spot, or near it.

Scenario 3: Your Piercing Rejects

There is usually no cure for this problem. Once your piercing starts rejecting, it is usually the best to retire your piercing before it causes scarring. The reason you want to retire your piercing quickly is that you need it to go without any traces on the tissue. If you simply take the jewelry out while it’s still relatively okay, chances are that you will be able to get a new piercing on the same spot.

However, if you wait, your piercing will reject on its own and cause additional trouble. This is much harder to heal and it can cause scarring and other problems. For this reason, it is best to retire your piercing quickly. Of course, you should consult your piercer before you decide but remember that repiercing works much better if the original piercing was easily retired and not rejected.

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