What Makes Henk Sounds Special?

Henk soundsHenk sounds, also known as Hank sounds, are urethral toys great for many different users. You don’t have to be an expert in urethral sounding to use them, but it is best to have at least some experience. These urethral toys can go deep enough to provide intense stimulation, but they are not designed for ultra-deep urethral play or extreme sensations. There are many different ways to enjoy these toys so you need to try them on and see what works best for you.

What Sets Henk Sounds Apart from Other Urethral Toys?

There are many different urethral toys you can use for pleasure. Henk sounds are popular toys, but they are not as common as some other types of urethral sounds, such as Hegar sounds. So, why use Hank sounds? What makes these toys special and worthy of attention?

One great thing about these toys is that they are intense without being overwhelming. This makes them ideal toys for intermediate users who are looking for something more intense than beginners’ toys but still manageable enough. If you enjoy urethral play but do not want to make it too extreme, these sounds are a great choice.

Another good thing about Henk sounds is their shape. These are double-ended sounds with a gentle curve on each end. The ends are at a slight angle, which makes a small but important difference compared to many other sounds. The angle of the tip makes for an easier use and it also provides very specific sensations.

Finally, these sounds have a special rib on each side. These ribs are not overwhelming so they will not hurt you but they can serve as a protection for those who only wish to insert a tip of the toy into the urethra. Also, the ribs are there to provide additional stimulation during use. The rib will rub nicely against the urethral walls, sending waves of pleasure. This is a great addition to an otherwise smooth sound.

Other Great Things about Henk Sounds

Here are some additional things to remember about Henk sounds:

  • They are modeled after real instruments that doctors use for examinations. It means that they are designed for comfort and safety. It also means that those who are into medical fetish will have a great time envisioning various scenarios.
  • People of many different experience levels can enjoy Hank sounds. While absolute beginners are not the best group for these sounds, you don’t really have to have plenty of experience to enjoy Hank sounds.
  • These sounds typically come in kits, which means that you get many different sizes to play with. As always, you should carefully test the sounds to see which size suits you most. Choosing the right size is important for safety and your enjoyment.
  • Due to their design with angled tips and ribs, Henk sounds can provide some very specific sensations. They are great when you need a change in your sounding routine. Hank sounds will make you experience new sensations without becoming overwhelming or too extreme for intermediate users.

Happy sounding!

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